any interest in reverse engineering ntkern vxd?


would you have any interest in possibly helping reverse engineering ntkern.vxd of windows98 SE? we could potentially improve windows driver model support in windows 98.


Yes, this makes a lot of fun.
Years ago I hack VMPOLL.VXD for to work perfect with Qemu

PS: Dont know, for what win98se is good for today. Only for Settlers 2 I like a lot:))…

you’re right, windows98 is really only good for retro gaming nowadays.

I think it would be nice to get 3D acceleration working in VMWare at least, the VMWare driver doesn’t work in windows98 right now.


looking at the VMWare driver for XP

vmx_svga.sys doesn’t call too many functions from ntoskrnl/hal - this might work with just an inf mod. (2.98 MB)

Is there a github repo that you guys are doing work in? I wouldn’t mind peeking or helping a bit. Settlers 2 I haven’t thought of in years :slight_smile: