any nVIDIA Telemetry remover?

There is one on MajorGeeks but it hasn’t been updated in 2 years. I know they can be removed manually from the folder but my laptop has a single file installer from Dell so I was wondering if there was a recent automated nVIDIA Telemetry remover?

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By the way - this thread is absolutely off-topic, because it has nothing to do with the NVIDIA nForce Chipset drivers…utility.423072/

Thanks, gonna try it out.

That is just to slim the current nVIDIA Driver installer. As I mentioned my nVIDIA Driver is a single EXE from DELL not the standard nVIDIA Driver so what I wanted was a tool which can get rid of the telemetry after it has been already installed.

  1. Try to extract files from single exe-file - I mean it can be an archive.
    2. Try to install drivers from NVIDIA. That is not safest thing for laptops, so you should know how to rollback to current version of drivers.

    3. Stay with telemetry service. It is not a competition to Android and Windows.

if memory serves 342.01 and up does not have telemetry service,after receiving some objections on the net nvidia gave up
but if your driver has it,use an app like autoruns and clean it from “services” section,along with unwanted start-up entries etc

or check out Disable Nvidia Telemetry by Sleepydragn1 (dated 3 Oct 2018)

thanks for the information!…p-nvcleanstall/
or manual in services :stuck_out_tongue: