Any way to diasble AMD Platform Security Processor (PSP)?

AMD Platform Security Processor is Intel’s me equivalent security mechanism found in AMD systems since 2013
i think many of you knows about Intel ME and AMD PSP concerns … thats why some people started to disable/remove Intel ME from computer’s firmware.
But there is no progress on AMD side.Do anyone know how to disable AMD PSP or how to make it ineffective ? disabling this PSP thingy could be very useful.

On the other hand i just found news like this…-Disable-Option

Maybe we need to reveal some option in our BIOSes that disables PSP ?

Can you guys disable AMD PSP on AMD based firmwares ?

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From that link, it looks like it will be (or can be) a BIOS option, once certain AGESA module is in the BIOS. Did you read all 56 comments on that page, and then all comments on Reddit?
If not, check now, they may say required AGESA version, then you will know when it’s possible option in your BIOS, if they hide it we can either unhide the option, or disable while hidden, usually.

First post in reddit says AB350 Gaming 3 has this after user edit to reveal options

Some German guys reverse engineered the PSP engine. They didn’t find anything suspicious. It handles memory encryption and isolation for VMs. The only necessary component that could be disabled is DRM.

As they stated “The code is very slick, only DRM could be removed”. Unlike Intel ME, it doesn’t control Wifi, neither has 700 MB+ of code.

I don’t think it can be exploited remotely. Intel ME does and still has load of remote exploits.