Any way to dual-boot on intel RST RAID of 2 x NVMe drives?

First of all hi everyone on this forum I luckily found, since it’s impossible to find any up-to-date info on the subject; few available answers are 5-10 years old.
I, basically, just want to set up a raid 0 with both Windows and Linux bootable. I don’t have any system installed at the moment.

Some sources recommend switching to AHCI mode, others to use mdadm. I’m not sure if switching to ACHI makes sense for NVMe drives. Furthermore, there is no option to create RAID in AHCI mode on Asus motherboard.

I’ve found some guides on how to see existing RST RAID on mdadm, but they only work if raid is not a boot ‘partition’.
Are there any options I miss? I’m still confused on do I need RST to configure mdadm raid and is it possible to divide a RAID into 2 bootable paritions.

RAID is RAID, ACHI is AHCI…they are different HW controllers, on bios of most motherboards, if the settings were set to AHCI before, then it will only shows that there is 2 available AHCI drives, that can be used to create a RAID volume, after its set to RAID mode with a creation of a RAID Array, the RAID controller will take over the drives, no ACHI mode anymore.

Theoretically, yes u should have no problems in create 2 partitions on a RAID 0 volume.
My point of view only, Fernando has a lot more vision of this subject than me.

@eyebp : Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum!
Yes, it is possible to create a dual-boot system on an Intel RAID0 array consisting of 2 NVMe SSDs, but you will need a mainboard with a quite modern Intel chipset from 100-Series up. >Here< is a video about how to create an Intel RAID0 array consisting of 2 NVMe SSDs.
What I do not know is, whether it is possible to create a dual-boot system with Windows (from Win7 up) and Linux. I have never tried that.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

@MeatWar Ubuntu’s guide recommends to switch to AHCI if it fails to install on RST, and they mentioned RAID multiple times, I thought they meant it here
so there is no option to have 2 or more striped drives with AHCI?
@Fernando thanks for the video, it turned out even easier for me to install just Windows on RST raid (it detected the RAID), however the problem is that linux fails to detect RST raid, and as I understand I can access it with mdadm but booting from it is a real problem

update - here’s an article I found on how to make a dual boot, seems like quite a hassle

STRIPED VOLUME on AHCI…im getting old for this s***

Thanks for useful information sharing.