Anyone have a ASUS A55BM-a/m32bf/dp_mb bios dump?

Brother in law has somehow bricked his pc, i re flashed the bios using a A68hm-plus bios just to see if i could get it to work and sure enough it did but obviously ran into all sorts of issues, HDMI not work USB ports not working, no sound so i went looking for bios files for this particular board and i have yet to come across the correct one, i did find one from asus’s website but it has failed and the board will not boot with it o.O Any suggestions? Am i doing something wrong here? im using CH321A programmer to re flash it all.

Thanks chaps!

@stormrazer121 - So, since you have flash programmer, send me the original bricked BIOS you dumped before you programmed in the incorrect model BIOS
Why did you program in A68 BIOS into A55 board??? This would be the one you’d want to force in, if anything -

You can program in BIOS from Asus, but that way (and what you did already), you loose serial, UUID, NVRAM, and possibly LAN MAC ID too (if not stored in-chip FW)

To program in BIOS from Asus, you need to remove the BIOS body from capsule first. Is this the exact system >>
Ohh wait, I see that is the A68 you used! Please link me to the correct BIOS download at Asus site for the A55 BIOS

But, if you want to know in general how to do what I mentioned above, it can be done two ways.
1. Open bios.CAP with UEFITool, right click AMI Aptio Capsule in middle, and choose extract body, save this as BIOS.bin << That is what you program
2. Open BIOS.CAP with Hex editor, go to 800h, cut from 800h to end of file and past into new file, save as BIOS.bin and program that. Or, select 0-7FFh and delete it, save as bios.bin and that is what you program.

Proper BIOS to do that with, you need to find first though. I think you have wrong model, all I can find for M322BF is the A68 BIOS which is totally different motherboard and entirely different chipset series.
That or Asus sold same system model with two different boards over a period of several years?
Once you send me dump of the bricked BIOS then I can tell you for sure what model and BIOS it is, and probably then find you a correct BIOS

Ohhh! I found correct BIOS at Asus site, in the older BIOS hidden until you click! Here is latest >> 0602 (for A55 & A58 MB) >> Model: K30BF/M32BF/K31BF…

Everything I mentioned above applies to this BIOS as well. If you want me to make you a proper fixed BIOS to program in, that will have all the original details (Serial, UUID etc) send me that dump and I’ll see if the info is still preserved (usually it is)

Hi, unfortunatly but brother in law in his good will attempted to do this himself, ive spoken with him and he does not have an original bios dump, so currently i do not have an orginal bios dump on this board, the correct bios seems to be very hard to come by, what you linked is the model of the pc tower however i have noticed is does have a different board, why i dont know i guess they may have changed it round abit!

So whats the steps now?

@stormrazer121 - I linked the correct BIOS For your model >> 0602 (for A55 & A58 MB) >> Model: K30BF/M32BF/K31BF
Pay no attention to what is shown at Asus site, that is general info/images etc, they have that listing for 3 system models, with 4 possible board variants, and two different BIOS series cover all models (one BIOS for A68, and the other BIOS are for the A55/A58 models)

Since he did not make a backup, I will have to fix stock BIOS for you with all board specific details, then you program it in. Original UUID will be lost, and part of the in-BIOS serial will not be original either (date of manufacture is added to serial)
I will need images of all stickers on the board, there is one on side of 24pin connector, one on top/bottom sides of PCI/PCIE slots, one long white one on the board itself.
If you are lucky, there may also be a yellow sticker on the back of the board. Send me images of all these stickers and I will make you a BIOS to program in.

UUID + Serial not really important here anyway, those are generally only needed for RMA purposes, and they’d use stickers on the board for that anyway.
The main thing here is LAN MAC ID, but that may be stored in chip FW, hopefully so since you don’t have original dumped BIOS. Since we wont have original NVRAM to put back in, hopefully the LAN MAC ID is store din chip FW, that way it works
What I’d put back in the BIOS for this is usually only informational areas, aside from any NVRAM entries which I can only put back if he had original dump or if I had another board dumps and knew it’s MAC ID

You can program the BIOS I linked, after you extract how I mentioned, and the board will start and function fine, just will be missing all board specific details until we fix those.

Your really know your stuff huh? i will try that bios and see if i can get the board working but in the mean time here is all the stickers on the board,