Apollo Lake laptop/tablet ram expansion [I'll add more info as we go]

I have:
-cheap laptop with Apollo Lake Intel n3350 SOC and soldered RAM of 3GB
-soldering station and skill to use it

I was wondering if i can upgrade/add ram just by soldering it to the board or if i need to modify EFI for hardware to recognise it?

P.S. Platform (motherboard) is S133A VER. 2.0
P.P.S. I can give any additional information: model, photos, schemes on request or when i’ll have additional time
P.P.P.S Can anyone help me find RAM chips that will work on this machine? Currently it uses K3QF6F60MM-QGCF (3Gb, FBGA216) and i can just add another one, but am i out of luck and can only achive 6GB total?
P.P.P.P.S There are several BIOS dumps on the internet of similar spec machines (including machines with 6/8GBs of ram)

[EDIT 12.01.23]
I will also add that i plan to add TYPE-C PD AND DP so stay tuned (it may apper as a separate topic tho)

[EDIT 13.01.23]
I found out that i can use RAM chips that were used in some smartphones and tablets with Snapdragon 800 and 801