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ffs is a container so there can be data like the module name at the end as well. In this case the executable has a size of 0x4BE20.



APPS\EFI\EFIx64\E0016X7.EFI in Intel® Ethernet Adapter Connections CD 22.1

Many thanks, I’ll try to keep my bios updated till new UBU will came out. Regarding the microcode, may I just use it as it has been posted, or do I have to edit something?

@plutomaniac : Since the number in the hex dump is 0x4be24, you subtracted 4 to get 0x4be20. Where did that magic adjustment come from? I’m guessing that it’s a byte count from the first byte of the number (rather than from the start of the efi). With that extra 10 byte between the count and the efi that would make 4 bytes. Is that correct, or did you leave out the “24 00 00 15” at the end for some other reason? I’m asking because the ffs number, 0x4be88, is clearly the entire size of the file (and not a byte count from the start of that number).

@ gpvecchi:

Yes, ready for use.

@ rmongiovi:

The size mentioned at the first dword includes itself as well. The actual data starts after 4 bytes with dword_size - 0x4. That dword consists of Size [0x3] and Type [0x1]. In this case we have a size of 0x4BE24 - 0x4 = 0x4BE20 and Type 0x10 which stands for EFI_SECTION_PE32. Another example, after the PE32 image ends, you can see that the next section has a size of 0x24 - 0x4 = 0x20 and a Type of 0x15 (EFI_SECTION_USER_INTERFACE) and the last section has a size of 0xE - 0x4 = 0xA and a Type of 0x14 (EFI_SECTION_VERSION). All of these can be found at the public UEFI Specification.


Any idea when there will be links :wink: thx.

@plutomaniac sorry for the offtopic in ME thread.


The answer from the developer and author of the UBU tool is within post #202.

Hello, I have a MSI GT72 6QE DOMINATOR PRO G laptop and I have tried to update the bios modified with your UBU application, and at the time of updating the BIOS on my laptop it does not detect it and it does not let me update it, it only detects the original, You can help me because I want to update the Intel IRST firmware.

@salva_vts :
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Your problem is not caused by the UBU tool, but by the actions of your laptop manufacturer to prevent, that the user flashes a modded or a wrong BIOS.
Flashing a modded BIOS of a Mobile system is generally much more risky than doing the same with a Desktop system.

You have to rename the modded BIOS file. It must have exactly the same name and suffix as the original BIOS file.

What is the reason for the update? Do you have any special problems? Is your on-board Intel SATA Controller running in RAID mode at all?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

P.S.: I have moved your post into this "UBU Discussion" thread, because the other UBU thread has been designed just for the UBU guide and the announcements of UBU updates.


Nice tutorial on converting FFS to Efi but I think you forgot to mention, though i could be wrong, that the last two bytes on the end of the file need to be zero’d out such that if it says ‘FF FF’ it should say ‘00 00’ ?


You are wrong. The last bytes on the end of an *.ffs and *.efi file from the same manufacturer and with the same version can be identical, but should be different (as plutomaniac has posted >here<).
EDIT: My statement has been corrected after having read plutomaniac’s reply.

I just remembered reading Here that your suppose to zero out the FDFD bytes at the end.

@davidm71 :

Here is the proof (above is the Intel RaidDriver.efi, below the RaidDriver.ffs, both v15.5.0.1038:

The last 2 bytes (FD FD) are not essential for the function, but required, if you want, that the DXE module is shown within any BIOS tool with the name, which stands some bytes before (here: "RaidDriver").

At the picture above I can see that RaidDriver.efi has useless data at the end. As mentioned above, FFS is a container. So to take the PE32 .efi image out of it, the extra stuff needs to be removed from both the start and end of the container. An efi is an executable (PE32 image) so it needs to be proper. For example you can take an exe and add however many random bytes at the end and it will probably still work because the payload ends at a predefined offset before them but that doesn’t mean that these should be there.


Intel RST EFI and OROM Version

intel_rst_modules_15.5.0.2875.zip (155 KB)

Intel RSTe EFI and OROM Version

intel_rste_4.6.0.1018.zip (123 KB)

SCU and sSATA - These files were not?

No, sorry that’s all i found.

The answer from the developer and author of the UBU tool is within post #202.

So what can I use in meanwhile to see what modules and versions are included in the bios 0906 for Asus TUF Z270 Mark 1
Could you let me know what can I use? Im particularly interested in the Intel ME portion, but other information would be helpful

If you don’t have stored any complete UBU tool package, you can open the BIOS by using CodeRush’s UEFITool, extract the related modules and search for the version by using a Hex Editor.

You can check the Intel ME details of any BIOS by using plutomaniac’s the ME Analyzer. No UBU tool is required for this task. For details look >here<.