[ARCHIVE] Outdated UBU Tool related Questions, Reports and Suggestions

EDIT: This post has been written on 02/08/2015

@ all users of the “UEFI BIOS Updater” (UBU) Tool:

Since SoniX’s UBU tool is very popular (which makes us happy), the formerly unified UBU thread has meanwhile grown to a big size of nearly 100 pages and 1.500 posts.
This dropped not only the accessibility time of the thread, but additionally made it difficult for everyone to find a specific important post within it.

As a consequence I had the idea (and SoniX agreed) to split the formerly unified UBU thread into 2 separate ones:

  1. A thread titled “[Tool Guide+News] UEFI BIOS Updater (UBU)” (>LINK<), which only contains my UBU Guide and SoniX’s UBU News (Updates etc.), and
  2. A new thread (this one) titled “[Discussions] UBU Tool related Questions, Reports and Suggestions”, where everyone can post his report, suggestions or questions.

Today I will start to split the ca. 100 pages of the “old” UBU thread according to this plan.

@ all Forum Members/Guests:
Please post your contributions into this new thread and not into the “old” one, which shall be reserved just for the UBU Guide and the UBU News.

Thanks in advance!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

So, as I got, just running this tool with any .rom from my Asus Z68 will it update all de Oroms? Am i right?
So, it is not more necessary to insert all the modules manually. Right?
I did a test and after running all the options the tool renamed P8Z68-V-GEN3-ASUS-3603.rom to bios.bin. So, If I try to update will Azus bios updater recognize?

Thanks for the reply.

I update the Mobo and all ran fine with all Oroms updated. Except the Intel Raid one that was already to the latest. What I just have updated manually was MEI.
The EZ Flash 2 recognized the Bin file and just start updating.
About your reply I did not used the renaming option. I notice that as I opened the tool it renamed my xxx.rom to xxx.bin automatically.

You are right both times.

You shouldn’t have used the renaming option.

No, you should rename it to a .ROM file.

@ cybersm:
Thanks for your report.
So what do you think about the toolkit?

A piece of cake. Very nice to use and precise detecting and updating. Really easy. I was always afraid dealing with extracting and inserting modules and checking specially finding new updates for Jmicron or even Intel Network.
PS: I’ve never update cpus micro codes, for what are those?

Look >here<.


It seems I cannot download the 0.996 version…
A page opens where I can click download and then another opens to download it, but then nothing gets downloaded…

Can you also upload it to your SkyDrive perhaps?
[EDIT] I have found it there already. thanks! [/EDIT]


i have used This tool 0.996 version to update the ASUS BIOS 2104 for my P8Z77-V Deluxe.
The ASUS released BIOS 2104 is not up to date about Intel OROM RAID (v, Marvell BIOS (V and firmware (V, Intel GBe (V 1.3), Realtek LAN component, …
So, no problem to use this tool.
OROM and Satadriver are well V
Bios Marvell → V
Firmware marvell → V
Intel GBe → V 1.5
Realtek LAN firmware → V 2.023

The modded BIOS is up and running on my PC.

Question Is a new version of this Tool need to be released each time of at least one Bios module/driver change or do we have manually do the change (carefully) somewhere , in appropriate place of appropriate folder ?
Many Thanks to the author of this tool.

The new version comes out continuously if there are newer versions of Option ROM and EFI modules. The new version can be found if the new GUID, and Device ID.

This is nice, so we are not worry !
Thanks for this valuable tool.

Thanks a lot ! Amazing tool !

Thanks, SoniX!
The start post has already been updated.

I suggest changelog in first post, for who are not touched by updates (I.E. in this case, Sandy/Ivy bridge)…

Thankies for this!
Inside are some Marvel oroms I’ve not seen anywhere else

@ Mictlan:
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

@ gpvecchi:
Thanks for your suggestion, which I have already realized.
Furthermore I have renamed the thread title.

@ SoniX:
Since you have already renamed your toolkit to “OROM/EFI Replace”, I thought about an easy to understand appropriate name myself. My suggestion is to name it “OROM/EFI Module Replacer”. What do you think about it?
If you don’t want to rename your tool again or if you have a better idea, please let me know it. Then I will change the thread title again.


Hello, I just wanted to say thank you for this wonderful tool, and the fantastic resources on this forum!

I want to report a small bug with the tool…

I have an ASUS Maximus Gene V motherboard, and have been using this tool to update ASUS’s “latest” 1903 BIOS. I have noticed that the tool does not find or update the ASMedia SATA6 controller firmware in the BIOS. I had a look at the script, and noticed that the tool should be giving me option 4, for updating the ASMedia SATA firmware, however it does not show option 4 at all, so does not let me update this part of the BIOS.

I’m assuming it’s a bug, but please forgive if there is another reason for the tool not to show option 4 with this BIOS.

I used versions v0.9.9.8, and v0.9.9.6 - and both have the same bug.

@ stimpy:
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum and thank you for your report regarding the "OROM/EFI Module Replacer"

Are you sure, that the original BIOS of your mainboard contains an OROM/EFI module for the ASMedia SATA6G Controller at all?
AFAIK the "OROM/EFI Replacer" only will replace an already present OROM/EFI module, but won’t insert any not already present OROM/EFI module into a BIOS.
Hopefully SoniX, the developer of the tool, will read your post and give you an explicit answer.


Hi Fernando, thanks for your reply.

Well, the controller (ASMedia 106x) is documented to be part of this motherboard, and it’s showing up in the device manager.

I’m not an expert with BIOS modding, but I did load the ASUS BIOS in to MMTool.exe and had a look through the list, and the ASMedia device is in the list of modules. But I can’t promise if there is a firmware included inside the BIOS, or is it’s just some kind of empty container or header/pointer… I don’t know how to check for it.

I have no doubts, that your mainboard has an ASMedia SATA6G Controller, but the question is, if the original BIOS contains a special OROM/EFI module for the Controller.

The "OROM/EFI Module Replacer" is only able to replace OROM and EFI modules, but it cannot replace any Firmware.

Here is a guide:
Please check the HardwareIDs of the on-board ASMedia SATA6G Controller (right click onto the Controller > "Properties" > "Details" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareIDs).
Then open the BIOS by using the AMI Aptio MMTool, highlight the line showing the CSMCORE file, check the "For Option ROM only" section and look for the listed VendorIDs and DeviceIDs and compare it with the previously detected HardwareIDs of your on-board ASMedia SATA Controller. This way you can check, if there is any specia ASMedia SATA OROM module present within the BIOS.

Thanks for helping me with this…

Right, I have followed your instructions, and the BIOS only seems to contain 3 OROMs (which I mistakenly called “firmware” in my previous post), all Intel. So unless ASUS have hidden the ASMedia OROM somewhere, then it appears that ASUS have not included the OROM files for the ASMedia controller for many BIOS versions, as it’s not showing up in any of the older BIOS’s that I have stored here.

Maybe ASUS forgot to ever update the ASMedia OROM.

I’ve updated everything including the CPU Microcode & all is well on my Asus P8Z77-V-Deluxe Bios 2104. Set my Overclock back to 4.5 GHz , the board is working Great.

Thanks for this tool, It makes Bios Modding easy & simple…

Much Appreciated…