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@SoniX - I was only referring to this post you made, that once he tested BIOS and it was working then he could go ahead and try to modify BIOS
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@sgthawk - nothing more needed, only that you confirmed the initial BIOS SoniX posted was OK and working then you could go ahead and try modding BIOS which you already did and succeeded

@Maghook Wow, thanks for the report. I was about to flash my bios while updating it using UBU 1.70 but now i will forget about it, don’t want to brick mine as well. Might try with 1.69

@Lost_N_BIOS & @sgthawk

If you managed to flash BIOS and everything works, then go to the second stage. Update ONLY EFI/OROM and flush this mod.
If everything works, then proceed with updating the microcodes.

Do you mean without using UBU? Because if I select the MMTool option (A) the error is the same:

[Preparing for replacement]
Empty GUID: parseFile: invalid data checksum 5Ah, should be AAh
File replaced
mCode GUID: parseFile: invalid data checksum 5Ah, should be AAh
File replaced
mCode GUID: parseFile: invalid data checksum 5Ah, should be AAh
patchVtf: PEI Core entry point can’t be found in VTF. VTF not patched.
File replaced
mCode FFS: File replaced
mCode FFS: File replaced
Empty FFS: parseFile: invalid data checksum 5Ah, should be AAh
File replaced

I bricked a MSI Z77 GD 55 (Aptio IV) by modding and flashing the bios with UBU 1.70beta. I had no trouble modding it with 1.69 last few times but with 1.70 I also got these checksum errors mentioned above (Intel LAN, latest microcode)
Too bad I ignored these and flashed modded bios. Had a 3 week odyssee buying a FlashCat USB classic digging into this stuff and eventually could revive the board with it using JSPI1 with an external 3,3V power supply.

Had no trouble with Asus Z170 board with UBU1.70 but guess won’t do another try on the Z77 for the next time ahead :wink:

Thanks for feedback. That’s my concern.
I replaced many modules and upgraded cpu microcodes and always everything went flawless with no errors. I don’t want to risk this time.
Can I ask you how you managed to flash the BIOS with an Asus Z170? I modified a Z170M-Plus BIOS with UBU but instant flash didn’t see it. Fortunately Asus released an updated BIOS with new microcodes a month ago.

I modded Hero VIII 3802 bios to current and used Asus flashback function

I’d like to update my post with more details to help everyone understand what I mean. My board is an HP H-JOSHUA-H61-uATX 1.00, and I’m trying to update the microcodes. Now so far I’ve ascertained the following:

-MMTool Mod will not open the BIOS. It shows an error that it’s not Aptio V
-MMTool opens the BIOS properly, and displays everything, but does not allow removing/adding microcodes
-MMTool Opens the file but is missing the UEFI portion of it

Some errors I’ve encountered while trying different methods on UBUTool:
"Patch block size not known" (Option M1)
"invalid data checksum 5Ah, should be AAh" (all options)

Notice: Only the two new updated microcodes are present. All the other ones are no longer there.

Please see attached BIOS.

EDIT: Ok, I think this post explains it:

JOS_820_test1.zip (3.24 MB)

Hi SoniX!

This is normal?



@centaurium You have to put the files in the directories of UBU


typo 50651 2066/ ?
should it be 50651 2066<br />
Thanks !

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Here , i got an new version from msi with microcode update 25 for Haswell.
What did you do to fix the bios last time so i could modify it with ubu and use fpt to flash ?
I got a fixed bios from you.

Two more spectre bugs found, July 11, 2018 named 1.1 and 1.2 other than the lately patched Spectre New Generation bugs!


Variant — Description — CVE — Codename — Affected CPUs

Variant 1 — Bounds check bypass — CVE-2017-5753 — Spectre v1 — Intel, AMD, ARM
Variant 1.1 — Bounds check bypass on stores —CVE-2018-3693 — Spectre 1.1 — Intel, AMD, ARM
Variant 1.2 — Read-only protection bypass —CVE unknown — Spectre 1.2 — Intel, AMD, ARM

Variant 2 — Branch target injection — CVE-2017-5715 — Spectre v2 I—ntel, AMD, ARM
Variant 3 — Rogue data cache load — CVE-2017-5754 — Meltdown — Intel, ARM
Variant 3a — Rogue system register read — CVE-2018-3640 — (Code Name Not Present) — Intel, AMD, ARM, IBM
Variant 4 — Speculative store bypass — CVE-2018-3639 — SpectreNG — Intel, AMD, ARM, IBM

*** = New found ones!

Here we go again…

It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Look here if you can read german or search vor V5 (ret2spec/spectreRSB). There are also rumours about new variants uncovered soonest next month, depends on how far countermeasures/patches are ready than.

I wonder if the chip giants will still adress them, since it seems they were already not capable to fix the first two within a decent time. Was a real mess already.

With last version (1.70 RC1) there are no more errors when upgrading cpu microcodes on Z77 boards. I’m tempted to try.


I have translated the link with Chrome browser. Thank you very much for the link.


"CPU gaps ret2spec and SpecterRSB discovered" it says. (As of 24.07.2018) So those are the newest troubles…


I have found a bug I think, when updating ethernet controller on Asus “Rampage-IV-Extreme-ASUS-4901.cap” file with UBU_v1.70.rc1-fixed

Started displaying:
[Current Version]
EFI Intel PRO/1000 UNDI - 5.5.23
OROM Intel Boot Agent GE - 1.3.72

[Available Version]
EFI Intel Gigabit UNDI - 0.0.19
EFI Intel PRO/1000 UNDI - 8.3.10
OROM Intel Boot Agent CL - 0.1.13
OROM Intel Boot Agent GE - 1.5.86

After the update process it becomes:
EFI Intel Gigabit UNDI - 0.0.19
OROM Intel Boot Agent CL - 0.1.13

First bug is,
it has chosen CL for GE!

Second bug is, it said,
For compatibility of the DEVID,
it is possible to install up to versions 6.6.04 and/or 1.5.62 → but integrated 0.0.19 and CL - 0.1.13

At UBU_v1.69.17.4 for example, it was integrating:

EFI Intel Gigabit UNDI - 5.5.23 → 6.6.04 correct! → Now, 0.0.19 not correct!
OROM Intel Boot Agent GE - 1.3.72 → GE - 1.5.86 correct! → Now, CL - 0.1.13 not correct! (GE → CL also false!)

In the full UEFI mode, show that in the BIOS settings, you do not have tabs NIC 82579.
And in the CSM mode, BootAgent does not work.


So I have to use UBU_v1.69.17.4 for updating Asus Rampage-IV-Extreme network adapter bios, right?

After upgrading to new versions of EFI Gigabit and BootAgent CL 0.x.xx, what does not work for you?