[ARCHIVE] Outdated UBU Tool related Questions, Reports and Suggestions

UBU v1.71 ready - 01 April 2019.

Thank you Sonix and Fernando for your replies. Makes sense. Was able to restore Capsule using Uefitool to paste back the bios region, and was able to successfully flashback. I suppose next time I’ll choose option 1 to restore the capsule. Had to use Uefitool to manually update 506E3 to CA microcode as it was missing in the version of Ubu I was using.


For ASUS Prime Z390M-Plus the recent BIOS v2203 does offer for CPUID 906ED the µCode B0.
Is it the last one ?

hello guys i put the inside ubu i updated se sata controllers on X99 PLATFORM and i cant no showing nothing why?

@panosxidis :
It is not easy to understand what you mean. Please try the Google translator.

hello fernando thanks a lot for this special ubu tool for update bios!!!but i have one problem i posted screenshots!!!i have ASUS RAMPAGE V X99
see this screenshot i press 4 for update sata controllers asmedia and nothing check:http://prntscr.com/n56xpx

how fix that?

@panosxidis :
Wait for the new UBU version 1.71, which has been announced by SoniX for the next week.

i tested another bios z87 z97 and z270 and the same problem why?thanks a lot again fernando

This option has not yet been implemented by SoniX.

he has another method to update asmedia controllers?or no?thanks again

@panosxidis :
Are you sure, that there is an ASMedia 106x Option ROM within the original BIOS for your mainboard? The UBU tool can only update already existing BIOS modules, but not inserting them.

yeap im sure

again update!!! i use 1.71 latest now and the same problem
http://i.prntscr.com/rwhiTFm4S0qQCMwJkkNxJQ.png see the picture

@panosxidis :
Your attached picture indicates, that the UBU tool didn’t detect any ASMedia SATA Controller module within the BIOS.
So there is nothing for being updated.
This is how it looks, when any “Other SATA Controller” module (here: JMicron) has been detected by the UBU tool:

UBU Other Controller BIOS module.png

yeap sorry this is my problem thanks sorry!!

i update my cpu microcodes but he has not M for mmtool he has R IS change?

i update my cpu microcode 31 to 36 cpu microcodes latest is greatest???thanks a lot

Thank you very much @SoniX for the UBU update
I do not know if it’s a little bug or not

When I open UBU, I can update the VROC, etc …



I save the bios by renaming, but if I reopen the bios with UBU, I only have that


It’s normal ?

Thanks so much

tistou77 you put new microcode???i put the latest and my overclock with lower voltage!!!

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