Are modern (Z690/B660)Asus motherboards relatively easy to mod bios?

I have a z270 itx from evga. I have modded the bios easily because everything is unlocked. But now is time to upgrade.
I was thinking about Asus b660 or z690 itx, but I am sceptical about how easy will be to mod bios (any locks other than intel flash descriptor?). My thoughts are to unlock intel flash descriptor once (with pinmod or programmer), and then mod every updated bios, and flash with Intel Flash Programming Tool.
So to summarize, other than intel flash descriptor, are any other locks in modern Asus motherboards that will make modding difficult? And if yes, are gigabyte alternatives more easy to flash modded bios?
Thank you for your time!

From my opinion… we still can apply most of the mods around but one thing is a MUST for sure, Bios Flash Back. In Asus you cant find this (B660/Z690) with prices as low as other offers from GigaByte/Asrock or MSI.
Theres some nice B660 boards with BFB around.

EDIT: No…as i said there are around B660 with Bios FlashBack from other vendors besides Asus and they do not cost 400€, we dont need a Z690 for that feature…

Some models way below 250€:

  • Asrock B660 Steel Legend (DDR4)
  • GigaByte B660 AORUS MASTER D4
  • MSI MAG H670 Tomahawk WIFI DDR4
  • MSI Pro Z690-A

From Asus EU prices: Mainboards Intel Sockel 1700 mit Hersteller: ASUS, Buttons/Switches: USB BIOS Flashback (extern) PC Games Hardware (PCGH) Preisvergleich / Deutschland

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Thank you for your fast response.
I understand your thinking! B660 itx doesn’t have bios flashback, but z690 does. B660 costs approximately 200 euros and z690 400 euros… :angry:
I don’t want to give 400 euros only for bios flashback(I don’t need the other extras).
I don’t know.

Good morning!
Now I saw that you edited your message. For ATX or mATX form factor there are plenty of options, but I have small itx case so my options are limited. Only mini itx motherboards.
Thank you again for your opinion :slightly_smiling_face: