Are my GOP drivers faulty??


I recently purchased a new monitor that I have been having trouble getting it to be recognized by the system. Actually I bought two monitors. Going to return the one I like the least. Anyhow one is from Acer and the other an Asus. Both GSync capable monitors that only have either DP or HDMI inputs but you need DP hookups for 144 hz connection and I need to use a DP to Mini-DP adapter for the video card hookup. The GPU is an EVGA 980 Ti kingpin and the motherboard an MSI Godlike X99. So the Asus wouldn’t display a thing or sync at all. In matter of fact the motherboard or GPU beeped twice at post when hooked up. Only way to get a picture was to connect the original DVI connected monitor and slave the other one. Then I tried the Acer out which worked producing a picture right at post. Then I swapped them and reconnected the Asus and that worked without issues but I liked the Acer better so I left the Acer connected. The next day after work the Acer posted a picture at post but Windows this time refused to display a picture unless I unplugged and replugged the cable. …

So makes me wonder my card needs a GOP update??


Been an AMD GPU owner for over 6yrs, so no experience with nVidia, but you may find Lordkag’s GPUupd Tool handy :wink: . Post 2 has the tool plus info on UEFI/GOP versions. The tool is automated and checks to see if it has newer version of UEFI/GOP for your ROM, if so it adds it to ROM, then you flash card. In the ZIP you download for GOPupd tool is a batch file, #Nvidia_ROM_Info.bat, if you drag and drop a copy of your ROM on it, it will give you the version of UEFI/GOP within ROM.

On another note it maybe your mobo ROM, as my current rig has an Asus mobo I frequent their forum on occasions. I have read reports of members having issues of screen not displaying or syncing resolution incorrectly at boot up, an updated mobo ROM solved it for those members.