Are there any AM4 motherboards with working integrated bluetooth and wireless internet drivers on Win 7?

Or is there like a list of confirmed working motherboards with info about what it takes to get them working. I would be willing to compile such a list if people could post that info. It would help new people decide what hardware to buy.

Thank you.

Most AM4 not have wifi win7 drivers, I recomemd to but a mainboard without wifi or you can replace the wifi card like 8265ac/rtl8822be.

Ok I appreciate the answer, thank you.

Simplest thing to do is replace the wifi card.

I switched the 9260 in my B550 board (Aorus pro) with an 8265 as Mr. Canonkong suggests, works great. Both Wifi and Bluetooth work perfect.

I did the same. The above mentioned wifi cards should be the fastest available for Win7.
Only thing is that they just support Bluetooth 4.2.

So I bought an additional USB Bluetooth 5.1 Dongle.

Bluetooth 5.2 I could just find a USB Bluetooth transmitter, so you cant use this stick for a bluetooth mouse or keyboad, just for audio.

For Bluetooth 5.3 and above I couldnt find any products supported by Windows 7

If anybody knows any better solution I would appreciate to hear your recommendation. A normal 5.2 dongle would be awesome for example, if anybody knows…