As rock z68 extreme 4 gen 3

Hello :wave: Jedi Masters of the firmware. I have a simple request. I would like to put my supa geek pcie card :black_joker: loaded with a western digital black sn750 500gb , into my asrock 2600k rig, have it come up on the storage options , so I can enable it, in the boot menu order to install my OS, either win7 or 10. I use win7 at the moment. I have modded the last firmware 2.50, with the nvme drivers, but only get PATA, showing in the boot order, but nothing in storage options. I have tried quite a few different techniques, but , alas I am at a loss. I know in theory the issues, but lack the technical know how. I have read a thread on this site about this specific board , (Ramone ect) But the firmwares that might have worked, links are not available. Any help , or modded working Bios available, would be much Appreciated :space_invader:

First, if u want, share ur MOD to check it.
Besides the MOD is OK or NOT, the PATA is correct most of the times but if the MOD is OK, u just have to follow Fernando’s guidance here on point#4 of the correct OS installation procedure.
[HowTo] Get full NVMe support for all Systems with an AMI UEFI BIOS
Not seeing an NVMe on bios is not an issue on this MOD. The destination drive will be presented during OS setup.

Hi :wave: Will hopefully post :mailbox_with_mail: bios tmw, Much thanks appreciated.Work very busy at the moment.

Thankyou , MeatWar. I used MM tool, loaded the original BIOS , the last one 2.50 and at csm core inserted the larger dxenvme file and saved as the modded bios. I checked the image and the dxenvme module is there and flashes ok Hence i now get pata in the boot drive, but not the storage options. when i try to install win 10 of a dvd and have tried usb, i get stuck at windows. IT SAYS ’ cannot install onto this drive, make sure the drives controller is set correctly in the bios’. I have tried every combo, but no luck, plus i used the smaller nvme file aswell in another bios version, plus Ramones and Lost In Bios modded firmwares, no luck. I tried to boot using uefi mode image on a usb stick using rufus ect, but got the 64 is missing message. My theory is that the modded bios may lack ‘oprom’ i think ,o r something simple, i cant figure out, or win 7 , which shows the drive in device manager, has the incorrect driver. As when i Launch the western digital dashboard, i get a message, this device is using an unsupported driver, not all features availble. I did use the uefti tool, but not sure about it, very complex. To top off i have the bios for you to look at, but for some reason i cannot message you, or attach it here for you to download.
And I am starting to feel like forest gump when it comes to pcs. Any help welcome gratefully.