Asmedia 1061 2 versions SOS

To help costumers i made this post.
There exist 2 version of pci-e asmedia 1061 cards in ebay.
The first one is this:

This is the version 1 of asmedia and uses firmware whitch consists in 0.89 0.90 0.91

The newer revision of the chip is 2 and it is used by this card:

This is only combatible with firmware 3.02 3.70 3.80

Propably the second version of the chips is better but the board that uses it is not. All my samples whitch constist in second photo make my disks to have crc errors. I have a thought about this .
The first one version the sata ports is next to chipset so the travel signal legth is more robust. the second one have very large signal length whitch may not confort sata 3 specifications .
Also the first one has capacitors whitch enchance signal stregth.

Soz for my english and fernando if u can fix my grammar in the post.