Asmedia 1061 PCI Version Problem

Hopefully this is in the right sub-forum. I have a Apricorn Velocity Solo x1 add on card in my PC. Unfortunately I am not getting the speeds that I should be with this card. I am basically only getting 200Mb/s read no matter what I do. The apricorn card is in my second pcie 2.0 x16 slot. On boot the apricorn card is showing that it is using pcie gen 1 even though my slot is pcie gen 2. I think this is the source of my problems. I have basically flashed all of the firmwares from station-drives to the card. My card does not boot with any of the 3.x firmwares. I know that there are newer firmwares such as the .954 and the .97. However the ones that are posted here on winraid are .bin modules for a motherboard bios so I cannot use them. I need the .rom modules like the ones from station drivers. I found someone with a similar issue in a forum here. However they got a beta bios update to solve their issue. I dont know if the asmedia firmware was updated in the bios though. I dont know if its possible to extract the asmedia firmware from the 760GA-P43-FX bios or get the .rom version of .954 or .97. I am just trying to get the full speed out of my card. Basically its only as fast as Sata 2 at this point and there is not much point in using it other than its a nice place to mount my 2.5 inch ssd.

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Apricorn Velocity Solo x1 (V951)
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