Asmedia 106x and Sabertooth z77

First off, excellent forum…lots good information here collected by Fernanado and the community.

My only experience with modding bios is adding slic records…so I’m pretty much a newb to this.

I have an ASUS Sabertooth z77 (bios 2104) and want to update the asmedia 106x firmware. After reading around this forum, I have an idea how to do it but I’m unsure where to place the module into the bios.

- I ran the UBU tool, no asmedia entry so I assume I have to do it manually with MMTool.

- I’ve seen examples that mention using CSMCORE to insert the asmedia orom. I’ve extracted this module and checked it with a hex editor and found no mention of asmedia.

- Using MMTool, I found 2 other entries that mention asmedia:

ASMedia1061 |A05F5C06-1782-48AA-962A-86A0892022B6|00309D60|001252|DRVR|
ASM1061Pei |77B35E10-AC21-4DFB-B094-DDA8878A6521|004EC6C0|000D9E|PEIM|

Now I’m totally confused…where do I place the module? Any advice would be appreciated, I don’t want to brick my mb.

Here’s the original un-modded bios for reference:…3j/z77_2104.CAP

Edit: Ok after a little more reading and investigating I am going to assume that…
- There is no asmedia orom present in this bios. Judging by the available links present in the mmtool, I only see intel vendors.
- I am still confused about the 2 asmedia entries I found…I’m going to write it off as unexplained newbness and assume that they have nothing to do with orom info.
- So the only solution appears to be to insert the orom into the csmcore module with proper vender and device id.

Am I on the right track?

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That is correct, but what do you expect from an insertion of an ASMedia 106x AHCI ROM module? I really doubt, that the result will satisfy you and will be worth the risks of a BIOS update.

Since your mainboard BIOS has a CSMCORE file, where all Option ROM modules are located, you have to insert the ASMedia 106x AHCI ROM module into the CSMCORE file.
The other ASMedia modules you have mentioned are no Option ROM modules.

Exactly, but you should not expect any improvement of your system.

Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thank you Fernando for your prompt reply and for clearing things up!