Asmedia ASW1142 usb 3.1/C not working properly

Hi there,

Recently I had a problem with my msi z170a m7 mobo usb c/3.1 port,

The port connects normally but when I transfer data it transfers with full speed (from the pc to the device I’m sending to) but it does not receive with the same speed, to make it simpler, if I plugged a wifi adapter to it, I can upload with full speed but I can’t download with the same speed, but if I connected the adapter to different port it downloads at full speed.

I’m not sure if it’s a HW problem or a SW one,

I have MSI z170a m7, with modded bios to install coffee lake CPU ( intel 9600k)

I don’t think it’s the bios because it was working after the mod, the problem occurred just recently,

something happened with the port and I think this problem is probably because of it,
I connected a device the has a modded type c port as a charger, the port was faulty and it shorted when I plugged it in the hub that was connected through the type c/3.1 port

I`m not sure if this caused the problem or not,
But apparently it is

My question is, is there any way someone can teach me how to test if it’s was the Asmedia ASW1142 controller that got damaged or some capacitor that I can easily change

(i have a multimeter and a I’m fairly good with micro soldering)
I just need a guide to properly test it and fix it if possible.

Sorry for the long as* post but I want to cover everything as much as I can.

Ps to the mod please if this post is not at the proper place, can you migrate it to the proper one.

Thank you guys in advance for helping me out, i really appreciate it :black_heart::black_heart: