ASRock 970 Pro3 Rev.2 - Missing DEV_4391 + Problems to edit Realtek LAN ROM v2.59

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I’ve got problems to update the AMD AHCI ROM module of the latest UEFI (1.50) from the ASRock 970 Pro3 Rev.2 motherboard.

The MMTool (, under “Replace”—“For Option ROM only”—with activated “Link Present”, only shows
the following five entries.

• 1002, 4392
• 1002, 4393
• 1002, 55aa
• 10ec, 55aa
• 10ec, 8168

There is no 4391 Device listed. Why? How do I update the AMD AHCI ROM module now?
Cause in the UEFI there is the option “AMD AHCI -enabled/disabled”.

Why does this UEFI have an DEV_4392? It shouldn’t have that Device, right?
Is it a bug within the MMTool, and DEV_4392 is actually DEV_4391 ?

The next thing is, the Realtek LAN ROM v2.59 is designed for the Realtek LAN Controller DEV_8169.
I read that I can make it work with the DEV_8168 by changing the related hex code entry.
Is this desirable or should I leave it?
When I open the Realtek LAN ROM v2.59 with HxD-Editor, there is no “EC 10 69 81” entry wich I could change to “EC 10 68 81”. Any Suggestions?

At last - what is 1002/55aa? And what is 10ec/55aa (Realtek ALC?)?

Thanks in advance.

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The AMD AHCI ROM module is listed as 1002-55aa. The original module is v3.0.5.

It is not a bug of the Aptio MMTool, because this DEV_4392 module is definitively within the BIOS.
If your mainboard doesn’t have this device with the DeviceID 4392, the related module will not be used.

You are right. I just have downloaded your BIOS, extracted all ROM modules and opened them with HxD. The hex code "EC 10 68 81" is within the 5th line (offset 40). So nothing has to be changed.

The "55aa" is the hex code of the first 2 bytes and has nothing to do with the DeviceID.
Some mainboard manufacturers put more than 1 ROM module for a special device into the BIOS. This "alternative" number prevents, that the other module will be overwritten by inserting the module into the BIOS.

Now I see it too…Offset 42E0 (on the right side)…thank you so much.

One last thing - I would like to use the Realtek LAN ROM v2.59., my BIOS uses the old v2.39.

To use the Realtek LAN ROM v2.59 for DEV_8168, I have to change the related hex code entries
from "EC 10 69 81" to "EC 10 68 81", right? I can see only one entry in Offset 40.
Are there further entries I have to change?

No, if you change the hex code in offset 40 to "EC 10 68 81", all is done.

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Edit: Done

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