asrock and usb3-usb2 problems

It seems that all asrock motherboards when have usb 3 enabled (z97,x99) smart auto or auto they route usb2 devices to xHCI host controller.
This is bad design because the usb 2 devices it better to route to EHCI host controller and usb 3 devices to xHCI host controller.
I found a thread in tweakdown forum with the fix.

Alex999 created a Windows utility that is able to switch usb2 ports to EHCI during system startup.
Do u have any opinion of this?

@boombastik :
Thanks for this interesting info and the link to the related TweakTown Forums thread.

To whom is this question addressed?

Generally to people who have knowledge.
I personally tested it.
I have a z97 aniversarry asrock default bios settings.
I installed the service in latest windows 10 and now my usb2 devices are routed from ehci and usb3 devices from xchi.

The good with that is that i have a xbox360 gamepad and from it to work in asrock motherboards i must disable usb3.
Now it works ok because it routed from ehci.