ASRock B550 Mod Nedding Assist


I am working on a updater for motherboard B550M-ITX/ac, I have already changed some things in my updater and am wanting to add auto OC and voltage change on CPU and DRAM out of BIOS update file. I have found what I think to be the DRAM OC part at GUID EE90D8FC-6181-4B15-83C4-7D1CA0C36E2A how would I go about modifying the voltage/speed/latency in this file, is the data hidden inside the PE32 section? What about the CPU options, I didn’t see anything for the CPU voltage checking through the report, is there something I’m looking over?

Thanks for help in advanced, I am still new to modifying BIOS bins. If I missed any info just ask and I can provide! (BIN dump in files)

Edit: Can’t upload BIN dump, here is the link to the .10 file ASRock provides which you can convert to .bin with no issues.


@hiiyamu - Please see “Annex” section at end of post one here, dump your BIOS using that method and send to me
[Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS

Also, show me image of your OC Tweaker page top to bottom, you can F12 screenshot to USB, then put all in a max compressed zip

@Lost_N_BIOS - Hello, I have tried to dump the BIN directly from the BIOS chip using a CH341A programmer paired with flashrom and any dump would error out due to the chip being unsupported in flashrom, I would expect that booting to live flashrom and trying to dump from there would have the same result which is why I’m trying to do changes via updates. I have attached the OC Tweaker SSs to this reply. (2.96 MB)