asrock Fatal1ty X79 Champion

Just bought this board and in the bios under the me section, there’s just n/a.
In windows I get this:
This device is not starting (Code 10)


for the intel management interface.

Any idea plutomaniac?

Kind regards, and a happy new year!!

Flash the latest BIOS from ASRock website and do a "fptw -greset"

I already did :frowning:

fptw -greset didn’t work. got the warning that I had to shut down the pc instead.

Apply the first ME8 SPI image from ASRock, 2.40 and reset BIOS defaults. If that doesn’t help, check if FD is locked and reflash latest SPI/BIOS via FPT. If FD is locked, you need to use a programmer on the removable chip. Otherwise contact ASRock.

may be you should disable bios options :…-power-failure/
this “Me” function is made to monitor the mainboard…so a little bug should make big warning ; moreover because intel is somewhat “vicious” with this …
according to wiki :…ment_Technology
Non-free service access
Although iAMT may be included for free in devices sold to the public and to small businesses, the full capabilities of iAMT, including encrypted remote access via a public key certificate and automatic remote device provisioning of unconfigured iAMT clients, are not accessible for free to the general public or to the direct owners of iAMT equipped devices. iAMT cannot be fully utilized to its maximum potential without purchasing additional software or management services from Intel or another 3rd party independent software vendor (ISV) or value added reseller (VAR).

it is something AS useless AS the GPU in nearly all its CPU…[ and then claiming to be WorlD number 1 gpu maker 8"]

solved it with my spi programmer.

I also unlocked the descriptor with fitc, asrock had locked the descriptor.
But when I update the me, the darn bios overwrites it when I reboot :s
Is this something that I can modify somewhere?
@lordkag , can you shine in on this? :slight_smile:

seems like I need to change something in the amitse module?

god damn it, and the copy that the bios seems to flash, locks de descriptor again. grrr :smiley:

Here is my custom bios, amitse uncompressed and compressed module:…THo4eHV5ZzhJdFU

Hope that someone can help me out on this one :slight_smile:

If I would insert the latest rng image into the guid of the backup firmware, would that help in not triggering a refash of the me?

No, that is going to cause a boot loop. ASRock had implemented back them a hardcoded version check at the AMITSE module of the BIOS. It checks the ME version at SPI and if it’s different from the one at AMITSE, it restores from the GUID. But if the GUID is also different from AMITSE, it falls into a boot loop as it’s trying to restore to something which does not exist.

Based on lordkag’s disassembly work found here, I created a new SPI image for you with the following changes:

1) Updated SPI ME and backup GUID ME to v8.1.65.1586 ()
2) Fixed AMITSE to force instead of (**)
3) Left Flash Descriptor Unlocked & Disabled Anti-Theft Technology

Of course I had to work with the FITC 8.1.40 bug we discussed at the other thread, loaded/built only ME region and changed SKU to C600 > X79 above. Checking settings by comparing saved .xml configurations doesn’t work even with ME region only but the menus do show the change (for example Anti-Theft being disabled now) so that’s good enough I suppose.

** If any newer ME8 1.5MB surface, AMITSE needs to be modded again to force the new version. Bypassing the check alltogether requires disassembly knowledge and work from people who know these things. I just hex compared the original ASRock X79 Extreme6 2.80 AMITSE with lordkag’s modded 2.80 AMITSE and did the same change at Fatal1ty X79 Champion BIOS 2.80 by altering the hotfix from 0x28 (40) to 0x41 (65) and build from 0x0588 (1416) to 0x0632 (1586), thus the version check from to To extract & replace AMITSE as well as the backup ME GUID, I used CodeRush’s UEFITool of course. The backup ME GUID is an identical copy (contents, size) of the SPI ME firmware region.

The mod is built on top of ASRock’s Fatal1ty X79 Champion BIOS 2.80 and attached below. Flash it with the programmer and let me know how it goes.

X79CHP_2.80_Fix.rar (5.13 MB)


Sorry that I didn’t reply earlier.
The pc is sold, however isn’t picked up yet. So I didn’t bother to try anymore. (read as, I’m a bit afraid to screw things up, as it isn’t technicaly mine anymore :smiley: )

Obviously you must not mess with it now that it is sold. However, you should not ask for help if you don’t plan to test the outcome or even reply. It takes hours to do things like the above and it’s not cool if it ends up being in vain. Some human understanding is proper, especially when the help is unconditionally free.