Asrock FM2A88X-itx raid1 re-initialize problem

I hope someone here is able to help me, Asrock and AMD have been utterly usless…


Asrock FM2A88X-itx
16 gb DDR3-2133
2x3tb in Raid 1 (using motherboard raid controller)

Last week while saving data to my raid1, I got a message saying drive F: (raid drive) was unavailable. Rebooted into bios and saw that both drives were there. I restarted into the UEFI shell, used rcadm -m -qa to quary the controller and saw that my raid1 array was OFFLINE. I can’t not figure out how to go about diagnosing the array or re-initializing the raid. I suspect that one of the drives might be bad, but I cloned both drives to another pair 3tb drives without any issues. I can find NO information or command list for RCADM to re-initialize the array.

Is there anyone here who could point me in the right direction? Any help would be huge. Thank you!

@wolfemane :
Welcome at Win-RAID Forum!

1. Is your system drive outside the AMD RAID array? Can you boot into your OS?
2. Which OS are you running?
3. Have you installed the AMD RAIDXpert Utility? If yes, which version and what does it show regarding the health of your AMD RAID1 array?

Dieter (alias Fernando)

  1. My system drive is a stand alone 128gb SSD that is outside the AMD RAID, and yes I can boot into my OS.
    2. Windows 10 Po Anniversary
    3 I did install AMD RaidXpert from Crimson Edition 16.9.2, latest version offered on AMD’s site. I can’t get past the login screen though. A message stating, “License Level 0 - No RAID (Does not support RADIXpert2)” appears just under the title (above username/password). I type in admin/admin and the SUBMIT button stays grayed out, so this has been of no use.

@wolfemane :
Thanks for answering my questions.
Since my knowledge about AMD RAID systems is very limited, I cannot help you myself.
I hope, that you will get support by another Forum member, who has an AMD RAID system.