asrock haswell-skylake chipset bug in bios

1)Hallo i have found a serious flow in as rock motherboards.
z97 chip set and above.
every time i install a new pcie card the hardware reserved memory become bigger .
for example in a z97 motherboard my hardware reserved memory is 43.7 mb.
If i add an USB controller it becomes 45,1 mb. If i remove the usb controller the firmware don’t release the 1,4 mb.
so it stays 45,1 mb. Now if i add an usb controller with another chipset it will become 47,1 and if i remove it it stays the same.
I think that it is not release the dmi pool.
Now if i re-flash the motherboard with the same bios the hardware reserved memory becomes AGAIN 43,7.

2) this bug exists in both asus and asrock.
If u use a pci e card witch uses the same id chipset the uefi bios dont recognise the cards correctly.
For example if in pcie 1 use an as media usb controller, and in pcie 2 and as media sata controller many times the devices are not shown in windows.
I opened hwinfo64 and i found that the root pcie many times tries to start the cards with the firmware otherwise.
the solution for this is always to use chipsets from different manufacturers.
For example if u use a realtek soundcard and a realtek nic maybe dont recognised correctly after a stutdown.

the internet is full of them for example:

More as-rock bugs:
Something that most people don’t know:
1)If you have fast boot enable in every restart my platform clock timing is 15,625 ms witch is the default for windows 10.

2)Now if I enable ultra fast boot at random restarts the time platform becomes 0,5 mς.

The solution to this is to disable cms compatibility mode manually and enable fast mode. With this solution the rtsc from cpu is always good. And platform always use 15,625 ms.

cards undetectable or partially undetectable from asrock uefi z170 and z97:
sound blaster core 3d
TBS 6928 DVB-S2 satellite tuner card with CI+ module

I found that all undetectable cards have crystal oscillator (4 pin).

So i bought 2 usb3 cards with nec chipset the sharkoon usb3

and a random USB from eBay with the same chip set.

The sharkoon usb3 with 4 pin crystal oscillator in undetectable in explorer uefi. The same card with the 2 pin passive crystal is detectable.

Anyone have a card with 2 pin crystal that is undetectable in uefi?
From now i will buy only pcie cards with 2 pin crystals.