Asrock P67 Fatal1ty Prerformance Bios P2.20

Hi guys if annyone of can help ,because i bricked my motherboard Lattely using the windows bios update ,that why im looking for version P2.20 Of The Asrock in Fatal1ty Performance in a rom file

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@Massinissa Hi, you can extract the ROM file using a program called AMIUCP.

I have done this for you, hope this helps. (3.9 MB)


Thanxs alot men it would have been easier if asrock have created an ibstan flash bios instead of the windows one ,that crap that have bricked my pc

What this tool does sir :slightly_smiling_face:

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Its extracts the main rom file from the exe file of a bios ,let say you don t wan t to flash the bios of your motherboard from windows and decide to fo it in bios cmos itself but can t find an instant flash version of this bios in you manifecture website so this is where Amiucp Comes in handy it extracts the rom of file of the bios from the exe

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@Massinissa You’re welcome :smiley:

Excellent explanation too! Spot on.

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My pleasure bro :smile::wink:

Not only i was able to fix my motherboard with that file but also all my overclock options have finally come back , cause before i even brick my motherboard i lost the option to overclock my ram and cpu but now all is good