ASRock P67 PRO3 B3 BIOS corrupted, can't OC the CPU over 38 multiplayer


I have a “classic” problem with my ASRock P67 PRO3 B3 motherboard. The issue is as follows: in BIOS(UEFI) you cannot change the core speed of you CPU to anything over 38 (read: 3.8 Ghz). If you try to type in anything above 38 - such as 39, 42 or 45 - and you press Enter, the value immediately reverts to 38. My cpu is i5 3570k, so it should be able to at least try to handle higher speeds. For my motherboard, I tried both the latest official 3.30 firmware and the 3.40 beta, but nothing changed.

I’ve done extensive research to this problem but I couldn’t find very much about it. Throughout the years, there were multiple users reporting similar issue, all of them (I think) having a 2nd or 3rd generation Intel Core CPUs and various motherboards, some of them having the same ASRock that I have. Apparently it all boils down to the corrupted BIOS.

Some people reported that in order to fix this, they’d contacted the ASRock support about this and they would send a new bios chip via mail (sounds like a joke but I’m not in the mood to kid), so customers would replace the bios chip manually. Apparently this helped, but I very much doubt that ASRock support is still giving away chipsets to an ~8 years old motherboard.

Some people reported to have this issue fixed by flashing an alternative - third party, or even self-made - BIOS. Tragically though, none of the threads about this that I’ve found on-line had a link with the alternative BIOS matching my mobo exactly, and AFAIK trying to flash a BIOS of another mobo is a bad idea, even if it’s a very similar board.

Is there anything I can do to try and solve this? I’ve learnt about the FD44 editor, should I proceed in this direction? Thanks