Asrock x299 creator


I have an X299 Creator and would like to have the extended settings for Thunderbolt.
with AMIBCP 5 I can see the extra options when changing from DEFAULT to USER.
But exporting the new BIOS gives me Security errors.

I read a lot today and can’t get it working.

Is there any way you can help me out ?

BoringBoredom/UEFI-Editor: Aptio V UEFI Editor (

EDIT: AMIBCP its only valid for showing the content on AMI V bioses, not editing as it was on AMI IV bioses. The link present is a modern alternative to permanent mods like AMIBCP was doing in AMI IV.
All mods should be done out of the CAP file (UEFI tool) or only in extracted bios_region with FPT tool, do not and no need to work on the full bios file.
Mod file can be flashed after correctly stitched, with USB BFB feature.
As this is not an 50€ board, perform the correct backups.

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A guide not by the tool owner: [GUIDE] Usage of AMI’s AptioV UEFI Editor + FPT Flash Method - BIOS/UEFI Modding / BIOS Modding Guides and Problems - Win-Raid Forum (

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I see, but this will change the settings, but not reveal them in the BIOS? or am I wrong here ?

Thanks for the info, I tried the online editor, but it didn’t give me an output when providing all the needed files that I made via the tutorial

Trying to explain what I’m heading for.
So by default we see following in the BIOS:

But want to get following:

If we look at the BIOS in AMIBCP5 we see this:

Really new to this, so excuse me

Stop it please, i know what AMIBCP can show us. The tool cannot commit the changes as it need modifications in other modules present in bios (AMITSE, etc), that weren’t needed in AMI IV bios generation.
Theres no easy option for modding this or to un-experirenced users, so you learn, read other user experiencies, other posts or step aside if you care for your hardware, sorry but its as it is, your only advantage is having USB BFB option to recover.
You can also make a request and maybe a user forum can have some spare time to do it for you, not me.