[Guide] Usage of AMI’s AptioV UEFI Editor + FPT Flash Method

(This guide specially for beginner to medium which hard to understand with hex editor method) Update SEPT 2023
We know AMI bios released amibcp (AMI BIOS CONFIGURATION PROGRAM) not directrly for public, but only to motherboard vendor partnership with AMI

We found latest outdate leaked version release in 2017 year, get problem in max string & supported read config for newer bios like alderlake.

Some community patching that app to increase max string it fix problem cannot open some bios like from asus because string limit, but is not lifted all problem, some bios config menu string still showing blank string

so found new remake bios config editor by boringboredom , its online tools based javascript, it so powerfull can read all string correctly where Currently AMIBCP cannot read, And more its OpenSource tools work together with UEFI Tools

at right now this app still some problem cannot load if bios modification with break structure with hex, so use original bios from vendor

=Follow guide bellow at your own risk, i did not responsible damage you do to your motherboard, so read all instruction correctly

For this guide i am using Asus H610M-A D4 & MSI Z690 for reference


Download Tools
Intel FPT From CSME tools for flashing
Download version same as your Management Engine version you can see in bios setup, for alder lake is using v16, and Me have variant like H,A,etc for consumer,corporate using Me analyzer with that site

CSME Tools
we dont using AfuWin because it cannot flash not signed bios, or AFU support /GAN command not work it Aptio V

Intel AFT Blocking

  1. Work with BIOS LOCK & Flash Protection Range Registers (FPRR)


Found fix by @Lost_N_BIOS in here [error 280 368 bios lock] ([GUIDE] Grub Fix Intel FPT Error 280 or 368 - BIOS Lock Asus/Other Mod BIOS Flash) to unlock that locked
But its not precisely refer to module group, and not work in my bios to disable lock, so we need enhanced that using setup_var_ws instead setup_var

get IFR.txt with UBU Tools from here written by @Fernando, dev by @SoniX

copy your bios to ubutool folder and run UBU.bat, insert S command to for IFR
and get IFr.txt & bios lock offset
open ifr.txt name setup.extr.txt in ubu folder
in here we searching FPRR

but it still confusing for read right , now we make it more easy to read
download IFR Formatter and place in IFR.txt folder, rename ifrext.txt to a.txt
run IFRFORMATTER.EXE, and it will generated b.txt and open it


we based on that my PFRR is VarStore: PchSetup, VarOffset: 0x73F, Size 0x1
BIOS Lock | VarStore: PchSetup, VarOffset: 0x1D, Size: 0x1
and for disabled valu= 0x0
after you get you bios value offset of bios lock & fprr with IFR Extractor
like this
we need apply that to running system using special EFIShell

Download ModGrubShellEfi by datasone
to run that efi you can using manyway like refind boot or aio boot, but basic setup your flashdrive in fat32 , create folder /efi/boot rename modgroub.efi to BOOTX64.efi place in boot flashdrive, run flash drive in bios, dont forget disable secure boot
after running and enter efi shell
follow this command guide using setup setup_var_cv i get from this or this

Reading current value applied in our bios
setup_var_cv VarStore VarOffset Size
for FPRR
setup_var_cv PchSetup 0x73F 0x1
Writing Command
setup_var_cv VarStore VarOffset Size Value
for FPRR
setup_var_cv PchSetup 0x73F 0x1 0x0

And for BIOS LOCK is same only change varoffset
after use reboot command reboot, and enjoy your use intel FPT without restriction for flashing

ok now we complete, jump next step

Working with IntelFPT
Intel Flash Programming Tool
Dump bios
For compatibility please mod based dumping bios from fpt rather than bios from vendor, so you can flash vendor bios latest version and dump from fpt

Use 32bit FPT For compatibily recommend by @Lost_N_BIOS
command for dumping bios

FPTW.exe -bios -d biosoriginal.bin
(-bios option for only look for bios and not messed up for other, because intel fpt only write what you write, if -ME is will dump ManagementEngine )
save copy biosoriginal.bin to somewhere

command for Flash Bios with FPT
before flash dont forget read my post in the up to unlock Bios & FPRR first special asus mobo

try this first
FPTW.exe -bios -savemac -f biosmod.rom
if not work only this
FPTW.exe -bios -f biosmod.rom
(-f command for skip signer verified, -bios is for only on bios region not messed up with gbe region to not lose mac,serial etc)

Ok next step for editing dump bios.bin

its online ami bios editor developed by BoringBoredom

Setup Needed files
UefiTool New Engine 62 by @CodeRush
UEFITool 28 (for replace body)

Open dumped bios before with uefitoolne 62

  1. Search for High Precision or HPET
    use CTRL +F on asus show found one , ini msi found three, not matter it only refer to one PE32_SETUP, double click Highprecision

    right click PE32 IMAGE SECTION select extract as is (for generated sct files)

  2. Search for AMITSE
    Many found, only select in LZMACUSTOMDECOMPRESS…

    Right click and extract as is pe32

  3. Search setupdata
    in asus setupdata under AMITSE, for msi you can click search and write setupdata
    special for setupdata is rightclick>setupbody (for generated .bin file)

  4. generate IFR with special linked version IFR RS [Releases · LongSoft/IFRExtractor-RS · GitHub](IFR LINK)
    ifrextractor.exe “Section_PE32_image_Setup.sct” verbose
    Note: dont forget verbose command,it cannot load in uefieeditor without this
    Only the linked version of IFR-Extractor-RS works

after you have four files needed for UEFI EDITOR, PE32.SCt,pe32AMITSE,ifr.txt,SETUPDATA BODY.bin

Working with UEFI EDITOR
goto Uefi Editor

Upload all four files to each slot

editor will showing up like this

after editing all you want,select uefi download button
you will get only files affected by your edit from that files generated by uefi tool and some changelog for detail

Insert and Replace back Edited efi files to bios

Open dump bios with Uefi tool 28
and search like before example pe32 keyword is “High Precision”

Click replace as is

now rebuild text is showing up you can select file>save to apply that

UEFI TOOL 28 is some different structure than newer 62 version
we can use GUID and size for verification, compare two info 62 and 28 like this

FOR ami tse click replace is, for SETUP DATA REPLACE BODY

after that all, you can flash bios.rom with INTEL FPT

Update : For Full backup region like GBE,SERIAL you need follow unlock fpt blocked in bios i write up there
and then you can dump full firmware ,(bios,ME,GBE,other)

to check region lock
FPTW.exe -i
FTPW -d fulldump.bin



Welcome to the Win-RAID Forum and thank you very much for having started this thread with detailed instructions about the AMI Aptio V UEFI Editor usage. We urgently need such guides.
Tiny remark:
Since the thread title is too long, please shorten it by editing the start post. My proposal: “[GUIDE] Usage of AMI’s AptioV UEFI Editor (better than AMIBCP)”

Merry Christmas!
Dieter (alias Fernando)


thanks brother allow me to join to this great forum, i appreciate that, thanks

and for that title i am using your suggestion it like great and simple to read


hey man i just tried this out looks good so far when i did the setup all that came up for me was just the options i had in the original dell bios
but i thought if i export platform ifr and change the name to Section_PE32_image_setup i wonder and it bloody worked

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nice brother, good find

Update : For Full backup region like GBE,SERIAL you need follow unlock fpt blocked in bios i write up there
and then you can dump full firmware ,(bios,ME,GBE,other)

to check region lock
FPTW.exe -i
FTPW -d fulldump.bin

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Thanks for your Good stuff.

but i get error occured cause of uefi Editor don’t work.

Just showing loading circle.

loading circle bug because you using ifr command without “verbose” command, and make sure using ifr.exe provided by uefi editor

That link is missing IFR-extractor-RS, so i downloaded this page Releases · LongSoft/IFRExtractor-RS · GitHub “IFRextractor v1.4”

and /i ifrextractor.exe “Section_PE32_image_Setup_Setup.sct” verbose/

to get ifr.txt file… but UEFI Editor didn’t work.

IF I can, can i get know about change value? (NOT Via UEFI Editor PAGE)

ADD 1 : I changed ModGrubshell FPRR 0X00 (MY OFFSET VALUE IS 0X683)
(chat : setup_var_cv PchSetup 0x683 0x1 0x0)
and i dump my bios, i tried my dump to flash → FPRR LOCK(ERROR 168)

Only the linked version of IFR-Extractor-RS works. You need a Github account to download it until the artifact is published as regular release.

i forget to mention, you need login to github at first to acces that file if not you will get 404 not found

I changed BIOS GUARD, FPRR, CFG LOCK (offset 0x0)
I attached that file. it’s right stuff?
I read changelog.txt but im not sure cause of my inexperienced



IF my modded amitseSETUPDATA is right stuff, change it via uefitool 28, and get flash fptw?

I reached UEFI Editor work.
but… I don’t know about surpress if… and access level meaning.
how to know that?

UBU_v1_79_17.zip (1.1 MB)

here is my origin amitse setupdata and setup / modded (unsuppressed, access level 1) amitse setupdata and setup .

I changed it via UEFITOOL 0.28 and occured error 167 fprr lock

I used Modgrubshell 2.06 (in first post link) and change value.
setup_var_cv CpuSetup 0xE1 0x1 0x0
setup_var_cv PchSetup 0x683 0x1 0x0
setup_var_cv PchSetup 0x1C 0x1 0x0

I thinkAll of my change value is right.

well done, you get it working in UEFI EDITOR

about user level, here you can dig in my discussion thread here https://winraid.level1techs.com/t/help-needed-unlock-show-avx512-menu-on-asus-h610m-a-d4/91739/20 , and for supress if it like condition to trigger that, in programming it called " IF ELSE" like that

first you cannot flash modified bios with fptw without removing first ERROR 167 and all bios lock error, i mentioned before at now you only use UEFI editor only for searching all lock enabled by default in bios, use uefi editor search funtion with keyword lock to find all value with graphical UI, and see value if it 01 (it enabled by default)

so you need modgrubsell uefi (temporary) at first to altering all BIOS lock in your running bios to disabled mode, after that unlocked we can can flash modified bios you do in UEFI Editor +Uefi Tools in fptw without restriction

Edit: try disable FPRR,BIOS LOCK with modgrubshell and post here screnshoot fptw error

I used modgrubshell uefi tool first. Not dumped it first.
First, I dumped it to find FPRR, BIOS LOCK VAROFFSET.
Second, I put my usb in the laptop for run modgrubshell 2.06.
Third, I changed varoffset value via setup_var_cv command
And I dump again, use for change my uefi setting. and replaced it via uefitool 0.28.
(extracted by UEFITOOL A62)

But nothing changed…

BTW, thanks for your discussion, i use it for change user level (09-> 1D)

(it’s verbosed txt file, and i found bios lock varoffset 0xE31)
(What’s different 0x1C{it found via UBU v1.79, and i checked it off}?)

here is modgrubshell changing.

here is FPRR error occured.

send me your dump bios from fprr

here is my bios dump.

(only bios region)

here is my full bios dump

Why my laptop cannot disable FPRR… :sob:

If it’s ok, I want to jump herre in with a question.
I followed you’re guide on my ASRock X299 CREATOR.

Following were found:

     Flash Protection Range Registers (FPRR) | VarStore: Setup, VarOffset: 0xF42, Size: 0x1
          Disabled: 0x0 (default)
          Enabled: 0x1
    BIOS Lock | VarStore: Setup, VarOffset: 0x946, Size: 0x1
          Disabled: 0x0 (default MFG)
          Enabled: 0x1

when I do this with the ‘ModGrubShellEfi’ I get these results:

I think it’s good…
IF your bios changed, dump it again and extract ifr to check options.

ok cool, so I tried the FPT tool in Windows:

Where did you read the instructions to use Intel FPT tool???
Your system uses Intel ME 11, not 15 and the respective driver also needs to be installed in the OS.

EDIT: Flash Programming Tool Version, you blind or what?

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