Asrock x470 Taichi ReBAR mod fails to flash : "Secure Flash Error"

recently some clever guys over at GitHub - terminatorul/NvStrapsReBar: Resizable BAR for Turring GTX 1600 / RTX 2000 GPUs released a way for RTX 20 and GTX 16 series users to enable Rebar for potential performance increase in gaming and/or productivity tasks, see article .

Now the problem is not applying the mod to the image, the problem is getting rid of the protection so that the ASROCK board accepts and flashes the bin.

I noticed that the UBU project has been during the years abandoned due to original maintainer’s personal reasons (@SoniX best wishes btw and thx for your work) and picked up by @Michael_Code (tyvm Michael).

This version although new and updated still does not remove the ASROCK protection from the binary for 400 Series chipsets (sais so in the terminal session).

I tried to “pass the file through UBU” anyway and as expected, a hex diff afterwards shows zero difference from original to processed. And ofc it shouldn’t since both files have the same checksums.
My bios version is 8.01 Beta AGESA Combo V2 PI
The procedure to apply the NvStrapsReBar.ffs is pretty standard - UEFITool_0.28.0 load, seek the GUID 3C1DE39F-D207-408A-AACC-731CFB7F1DD7, scroll down, add the ffs to the end, save the bios file, etc. so it’s nothing out of the ordinary.

It just won’t flash with asrock’s instant flash out of the box.

I hope somebody will know something that can help me and others with the same board. Thank you in advance

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