ASRock Z170 failure :(


BIOS: Version 1.50 (…ownload&os=BIOS
AMIBCP: 5.01.0014


I want to disable IOAPIC enteries and enable xHCI hand-off in the UEFI. (Also preferably show the settings in the UEFI for on the fly config).

Results: I edited the UEFI with AMIBCP. When I tried flashing with Instant Flash, it gave a security error. I then proceeded to flash with AFUDOS using the command “AFUDOS biosname” However nothing has changed. I tried resetting the defaults and pressing the clear CMOS button but everything is still the same.

I must be doing something wrong. Any help please?

Which version of AFUDOS are you using?

To circumvent the security error you need to flash with an older version. Try AFUWIN Flasher 3.05.04, you can even use the gui.

My motherboard is also Z170 but from Asus: Z170i. Successfully flashed using UBUtool & AFUWIN.