Asrock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard bios - Windows 11.

New Windows 11 will be available soon. But my Asrock Z77 Extreme4 motherboard
there is no possibility to turn on the TPM function in bios. It is also not equipped with
appropriate socket for mounting the TPN system. However, as stated by Users
Polish forum physical presence of this chip on the motherboard
when installing the system, it is not needed - just the presence of an entry in the bios.
Could someone add to the attached bios the possibility of turning on TPN?

Z77 Extreme 4 3.00 MOD.rar (4.45 MB)


It’s possible to bypass the TPM check if you’d prefer that.

I am already looking to the future when a WINDOWS UPDATE system upgrade is available, and then how to bypass the MICROSOFT conditions regarding computer configuration? Is the method described on:…11-bez-tpm.html


I used this from here -…-for-windows-11

Go to the following path and create a new key LabConfig:


In the LabConfig key, create two new DWORDs with the following Values:

BypassTPMCheck – 00000001
BypassSecureBootCheck – 00000001

Save and exit.

I found a similar description for installing Windows 11 without TMP.

How to install Windows 11 without TPM 2.0 and safe boot?
1. Download Windows 11 and save it to a flash drive, for example, using the Rufus program.
2. Download the file, unpack the archive and copy it to a USB stick.
3. Begin installing the operating system.
After starting the installation of Windows 11 (language, keyboard selection window)
4. Press Shift + F10 to launch the command prompt, type "regedit" and press "Enter".
5. Click "File" in the top menu and select "Export".
6. Locate the Bypass.reg registry file, right click on it and press "Merge".
7. Accept the change and then close the registry and command prompt.
Agree to make changes
8. Proceed with the installation of Windows 11 on a device without TPM 2.0 and safe boot.
Proceed with the installation of Windows 11 (281 Bytes)

do not install clean windows 11, but install windows 10 first and then run the windows 11 installation file and upgrade. it won’t matter that you don’t have tpm 2.0

windows 10 installed then upgrade windows 11 i think no good due we prefer clean fresh windows 11