Asrock Z87e-ITX bios - lost UUID and Serial number on corrupt bios chip

Hi newbie here asking for some help.

Bought a used board off flea bay that wouldn’t boot - removed the bios chip and made a backup of the bios using a CH341A programmer.

Bought a new chip and managed to download the latest bios from Asrock 2.50.

Found your website and discovered I needed to remove the capsule header.

Downloaded and used the UEFITool to remove capsule header and saved the bios.

Then using hex editor I managed to change the default MAC address to the actual address, again saving at address 1000 and the copy at 2000

Saved on bios chip - Reinserted into Mobo and great to see the board booted and all seemed good.

Window 10 started up and could see the correct MAC address in the LAN system info.

Now on reading your web posts I notice that Mobo Serial numbers is not showing ( using CPU - Z to check these ). UUID appeared to be a generic number again I’ll list this if required,

Can someone help in locating the hex addresses of the serial number and / or UUID. ( I can let you have the saved bios file I managed to salvage from the corrupt bios chip ( I tried searching and only found the MAC address as previously metioned )

I can also let you know the Mobo serial number on the sticker on the Mobo.

Any help would be much aappreciated as in Windows 10 the activation doesn’t want to work without the serial number / UUID being correct.


Hi guys / girls any help appreciated thanks

@VPCAPTAIN - please upload the dump of original BIOS and I will check it, send me serial # + MAC in PM if you want in case they are corrupted in the OG backup (so it’s easier for me to locate things)
Some brands, Asrock being one of, does not use serial or UUID in BIOS but it varies between board series and I’m not sure what they did during Z87 series period.

Hi Lost_N_BIOS thanks will upload the saved BIOS and PM the Serial # and MAC, thanks for the advice that Asrock don’t use serial or UUID in BIOS, but it doesn’t hurt to have a look in case they did in this era.

Best Regards

You’re welcome! Yes, sometimes they do, but not always, I think especially not always for UUID

saved bios v2.3 saved from damaged BIOS chip attached (5.55 MB)

I Found this IS common thing for Asrock, people complain about it a lot too. Current UUID will be, as stock, search that with google and you will see

Serial is also not used as it should be, see B75 DMI output here for Asrock…n/dmidecode.txt

I found serial in your original dump in NVRAM, does not match your sticker serial either, so they must use board serial and sticker serial with only one in BIOS (asus does this too)

Excellent thanks again for all your helpful advice and all the useful information on this forum :+1:

You’re welcome! If you need any BIOS mod, let me know