Asus aio z240 ic nvme

Hello everyone, I have an old ASUS AIO Z240ic with M2 slot, will Samsung 980 pro NVME work on it? Or I need a modified BIOS? Thank you.

Latest bios (0805) of this model already contains the AMI NVMe dxe module, the question is, does this motherboard supports only M.2AHCI SATA disks or M.2 PCIe NVMe disks…

SOLVED: Where is the M2 slot? - Asus Zen AiO Pro Z240IC - iFixit


So, it seems that you understood all the info provided, do i need to repeat my words again?

Hello MeatWar, will Samsung 980Pro nvme work?

From Ifixit topic, in comments I can see that someone tried to install an SSD in that slot, but BIOS doesn’t recognise the SSD, can it be that motherboard doesn’t support any kind of M2 PCIe?

Sorry for the stupid question, then for what purpose is that PCIe slot?

Might be an M2 SATA slot as well.

Oh my god… is my written English so bad???
Does that capture screen of the motherboard surface labels, tells you something???
What can you see labeled in her, near the slot: SSD…rigth???
Thats not a mini/half PCIe slot, that’s a M.2 Slot that probably supports, as i and lfb6 stated… SATA disks, only.
More confirmations, only from a user with same machine or phone the “lovely” Asus support and ask them if the model supports NVME disks as an upgrade option.