Asus AM1M-A/BR bios mod booting from PCI-Express slot.

I have an am1m-a motherboard, and as everyone knows, without support for ssd nvme.
But reading material on this site, I decided to add the nvme module in the bios, getting expected result.
I used MMtools to modify the BIOS, and Afuwinx64 to write to the bios "within Windows 10 Pro 64 bit",with no problem. With some changes to the procedure.
If there are many people who have an AM1M-A (asus) motherboard, they have not had a chance to put a fast ssd on this board, but thanks to the Win-Raid Forum, this has been possible.
In my case it worked for me, Amd Athlon 5150 with Radeon R3
8gb ram.
Thank you all.

@rodamps - Thanks for your success report back, maybe someone with same board will find this promising in the future!
Moving this into BIOS mod section, since it’s not driver related, where you originally posted

hi can you send me the modified bios please?

can u send me the modified Bios?