ASUS AmiBios modding tools help

I have an asus b560m plus wifi, I want to enable my hidden settings and disable flash protect registers and BIOS Lock

I have tried:

aptio v uefi editor

Followed all the steps successfully. After opening the uefi editor, I searched for BIOS Lock and Flash protect registers etc. It showed 1 for enable, 0 for disable. So I set them both to disable and built my modded .bin file. Now my only issue was flashing it until I ordered and used a CH341 programmer on my motherboard’s MXIC (3v). I hit unprotect in neoprogrammer, erased the chip and uploaded my modded bios file. The computer booted to the OS successfully but after attempting to use FTPw64.exe to flash my biosreg, It gave me this error: “Error 167: Protected Range Registers are currently set by BIOS, preventing flash access.
Please contact the target system BIOS vendor for an option to disable
Protected Range Registers.”
Then after reboot. I attempted to go to bios settings but it gave a black screen for a good 4 mins. So i hit poweroff button and when i started it again it started boot looping and would not shut off. So i hooked it back up to the CH341, erased chip and flashed stock bios.

I’ve learned a few methods about this but the closest fix I found was pinmod on my audio chip. My audio chip is ALC897 (realtek) and I was unsure weather i should short the same pins due to the tutorial having a different audio chip. I tried searching for its datasheet but there seems to be no results. Any help appreciated

Strangley enough too, when i used AFUwinx64 to extract my bios .rom file. It outputs a file that is the same size as the stock bios but when i hit open on AFuWinx64 it gives error C8 corrupted or damaged rom file