ASUS B550-E Gaming VTT DDR BIOS MOD feat_Crucial Ballistix Rev-E OC

Like Bullzoid aka Actually Hardcore Overclocking, I had some time to test on my ASUS B550-E Gaming / 5600X how the Crucial Ballistix Rev-E behaved starting from the XMP 3200 mhz profile and going up both in frequency and down in timings.

The RAMs are very good in my opinion but the control of the VTT DDR of this motherboard actually shows that it is not enough with the classic 1/2 VDDQ

Starting from 3600 mhz with DDR VTT higher than 0.71V-0.73V I begin to have a negative scaling, I can confirm from my experience that as the frequency increases these Rev-E SR chips do not really like high DDR VTT values but rather they love to madness the high VDDQ and the low DDR VTT on a range which in my case starts from 0.73V down

There is the possibility of combining various extraction and recompilation software to be able to modify the limits of the classic VTT DDR = 1/2 VDDQ on B550 cards which as far as I know are not editable with AMIBCP which does not return any Setup window