[?] ASUS BIOS MOD - Turn off all fans for 6 seconds on startup


My fans startup on powerON on 100%.

I need to fix bios and add the following property: Turn off all fans for 6 seconds on startup OR Turn on all fans on 6V voltage on startup.

BIOS version: 2012 (latest version)

Is it possible?

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

@ annioney:
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This indicates either wrong Monitor Menu settings within the UEFI BIOS or a bug of the BIOS version itself.

Maybe, but I don’t know how.


The short answer is “not without BIOS sources, but still depends”.
The long one: it depends on how fans are controlled on your platform. Normally it’s done by either EC or SuperIO, which can be controlled by BIOS code right after start of PEI dispatcher (i.e. ~10ms after power-on), but the first of your options is relying on timer, which will be available much later, and the second requires either voltage control circuitry or changes to controller’s PEI driver. To integrate the option into BIOS Setup, you either need full BIOS sources and ASUS patched Visual eBIOS toolset to rebuild them or a very hard round of reverse engineering and hex-editor-jitsu.
If I had to so that, I would use a advanced fan bay or build myself one using any uC board like STM Discovery.