Asus FX505GT Bios unlock

Recently picked this laptop up second hand and because of optimus graphics it would benefit greatly from memory overclocking settings being unlocked. i’ve already checked and measured and verified boot are disabled on the system. i have the fptw bios dump which looks complete to me. if i need the programmer i can dig my old one out. i would really appreciate it. for visibility @Lost_N_BIOS the bios appears to be ami based.


You mentioned that memory overclocking is means common memory module or vram(graphic memory)?
If it’s common memory ,you can try my mod for menu unlock.

If you means is vram ,i can’t help you out ,as i’m not good with edit vbios.

that was perfect, dude you went above and beyond unlocking all the menus in the bios. i was just trying to overclock the ram. i don’t have a stable job so i cant spare a lot. but i threw some money your way on paypal.


Go into Advanced -> OverClocking Menu -> Memory
There are two methods you could try to adjust memory freq in this platform.
a) Pick option "Memory profile" then choose XMP profile 1 or XMP profile 2 to load xmp prpfile from memory spd.

b) Set up "Memory profile" to custom then to adjust manually "Memory Reference Clock" and "Memory Ratio" to changes the frequency of memory. For example if you set "Memory Ratio" to 11 ,you will get freq = (133*11)2=2933mhz ,set it to 12 get freq=(13312)*2=3200mhz.