Asus G771JW No Power

Hello everyone!

I modded my bios of the Asus G771JW, so far so good. After playing around with the new settings. The Laptop didn’t boot anymore. No POST but the fans were spinning ect. after few seconds it restarts. Now I ordered a CH341A Programmer and backed up the modded bios dump. I flashed the manufactor bios from the Offical Asus website and flashed it to the bios chip. No error message. Everything went well. When I assembled it all back together there was no more power. No leds no fan spinning.

What do I do now?

I can share the bios dump per DM.

@gtasaryder - Send me original dumped BIOS, hopefully you did it with compatible software for your chip ID so system specific info is not corrupted.
What is your BIOS chip ID? Read it off the chip itself, do not rely on software to tell you.