ASUS GR8 II Bios Modding

Hi there! I have an ASUS GR8 II-K mini pc, it’s a great little beast but unfortunatly it’s very limited…
Product&BIOS page:

I’ve been thinking about upgrading it’s stock processor (i5 7400) to a 9600kf/9700f and the gpu (1060 3gb) to a 1660ti / super. I saw that it’s possible to do so through bios modding. I know it sounds insane to put such processors in this tiny thing because of thermals. But i’m pretty confident that with direct die cooling & liquid metal and some heavy undervolting it’s possible to run a i7 9700f safely.
I’ve tested alredy the system with very heavy workloads, higher cpu voltage (through XTU) and gpu OC all at the same time. (Cpu was hitting about 55-60W package power draw and gpu around 135-140W with oc, tested with prime95 and furmark)
Usually I’m running cpu undervolted and gpu stock (25-30W & 110-120W)

Could anybody please direct me on how to bios mod it? I have alredy a CH341A bios programmer with it’s clip.
This pc has a H110 chipset with “WINBOND” 25Q128FVSQ 1645 bios chip. So in theory coffee lake mod should be possible.
Also, is there a way to unlock more bios menus? Like CPU undervolting and memory overclocking / XMP, maybe some manual fan tuning too?
Right now i have 0401 bios version. ME FW version: I’ve never updated it since i have this pc.
My stock bios dump:…iew?usp=sharing
Dumped using AsProgrammer 1.4.1 & CH341A and Clip for soldered bioses

(for some reason it doesnt allow me to upload any file directly here other than photos)
Anyways, this is the subject for the experiments that i’m planning on doing…