Asus h110m-k and dci debug

I’m having some problems enabling \ something with dci.

my setup is as follows.
I got an asus h110m-k with the following changes made using AMIBCP
I enabled “DCI enable (HDCIEN)”, “DCI Auto Detect Enable”, changed “USB/UART” to USB,
enabled "Debug Interface ", “Direct Connect Interface”, and disabled "Debug Interface Lock ".
I also changed the trace hub to “host debugger” as I read somewhere I should try doing that.

I can see Intel USB Native Debug Class Devices on usbview and on device manager.
but sadly when I run DAL can’t see my CPU and getting the following output:

Using Intel DAL 1.1839.428.100
Using python.exe 2.7.15 (64bit), .NET 2.0.50727.8937, Python.NET 2.0.19, pyreadline 2.1.1
DCI: A DCI device has been detected, attempting to establish connection
DCI: Target connection has been fully established
Target Configuration: KBL_SPT_OpenDCI_DBC_Only_ReferenceSettings
Note: Target reset has occurred
Note: Power Restore occurred
Note: No devices found to initialize control variables
Warn: Cores previously specified in the 'coregroups' control variable are no longer present(may have been powered off?).
Using KBL_SPT_OpenDCI_DBC_Only_ReferenceSettings

Does anyone know what else I should try? or something?


I know nothing about debug, but I see ACPI debug is disabled by default (in the Intel RC ACPI section). Sounds like some core is shutting off there at the end, maybe try with all power saving features disabled.

Sadly that did not work.
thanks though :slight_smile:

Which didn’t work, all of what I said, or one thing or the other (I mentioned two things to try)?

Both enabling ACPI Debug and disabling power management features

@zuzgon Someone familiar with debugging will have to advise you on this, I am not sure, sorry. If there is hidden settings I can enable for you, if you find some you need and aren’t sure how to do that.
Also, maybe ask Asus directly via email, maybe they’d be nice enough to advise you how to get things going.

@Mov_AX_0xDEAD @CodeRush

@Fernando - do you know of any specific members here you could tag that you know are familiar with using debugging features, or could maybe help advise about this? Thanks

@Lost_N_BIOS :
Besides the Forum members you have already mentioned the following nicknames are coming to my mind: @lordkag and @CPL0