ASUS H110M-K requires NO nvme mod !!!

Asus h110m-k bios requires nvme mode. I would appreciate your help, thanks in advance.

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No my friend it does not as already has support for NVMe, always had.
Doesnt matter if the motherboard has no M.2 slot, still supports it, by an PCIe/M.2 adapter.

Thanks bro. Well I will install windows on nmve, will the bios see it? so now can i install ‘windows’ on this ‘nvme’ and boot from ‘bios’?

@Erkan41 : Welcome to the Win-TAID Forum!
Provided, that you have chosen the BIOS settings, which allow or force booting in UEFI mode, your NVMe SSD should be shown within the “BOOT” section as bootable device.
If you want to know how to get Win10/11 clean installed onto an NVMe SSD, please have a look into the >this< Guide and follow point 4 of the chapter “This is what you should do:”.
Don’t forget to unplug your currently in-use system drive before starting the OS installation.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

Thanks, We’re I’m glad to be here :slight_smile: The link you want me to click does not appear?

Now it will appear (I forgot to insert it).

Thank u so much bro :slight_smile: