Asus H61M-K BIOS chip compatibility

Hello, everyone! I have this Asus H61M-K board and the BIOS got corrupt. Now, I tried removing the flash chip and while doing so, I broke off a pin. Now, a replacement chip is fairly expensive, from what I can see, so I’d prefer getting a compatible chip on SOIC-8 (by using a DIP-8 to SOIC-8 adapter) from sites like TME or Mouser. Is that at all possible? If so, could anybody explain how to?

I took a look at VSCC table of the BIOS and it lists EF4017h and C84017h as compatible flash chips. What chips are compatible with those two?

Is matching the input voltage, the frequency and the size of the flash chip enough to say whether the chip is compatible or not with the original one?

use uefitool . click descriptor region and shows u info of chips.