Asus hyper M2

I have a card PCI Express Asus hyper M2.I would like to install it on my motherboard Asus X79 sabertooth. I looked at the forum, concerning the bifurcation of the port pci but, I can not change the lines 4x4x4x4.
I currently have a card asus mini M2 with a ssd Samsung M2 970 plus, which works perfectly, I just want to ride this new Hyper M2 card raid.

Can a CMOS solve my problem?

@kosh06 - Use AMIBCP 4.55 instead, not all ports will have 4x4x4x4, some only 4x4x like the one you have highlighted, some have more like 4x4x8x/8x4x4x, 8x8x etc.


Thank you for your help, I have a video card nvidia GTX1070TI Cerberus that I put on the port of PCI 1, I want to put the card asus M2 on the PCI 2.
The port configuration is correct.

Thank you

Thank you

Glad you got it how you want it now!

Hello no cea does not work, I see only ssd in the map.

Sorry, I don’t understand? YOu edited BIOS to get bifurcation you wanted correct?
If yes, and it’s not working, make the same change to another slot instead, and or move your card around on all slots until you find the one your editing (BIOS slot used may not appear to be the one you are editing in the BIOS - may not be 1/1 or 2/2 same name etc)

You may need to ask one of the guys in these threads, or ask in the threads after reading the threads, which slots are which settings in BIOS to edit
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