ASUS K52JC (nvidia optimus) egpu on pci-e-mini of wireless adpater

Hello everybody, I own K52JC laptop (X52JC also named) and I was trying to get egpu to work through pcie x16 to pcie mini x1 of wireless adapter.
The GPU is GTX 1060.
I tried alot but I couldn’t get the GPU recognized by the laptop, nothing in windows device manager at all, not on any operating system so I used AMIBCP and messed up a bit much revealing all bios options but I couldn’t see all options as the chipsets page is completely missing from the BIOS.
I Have been told that I have to disable pcie lanes of the dedicated GPU so I did that by changing default settings of the bios file AMIBCP since I couldn’t reveal chipsets options in the bios. That did not go well as now I had no video outpot at all and maybe the didcated gpu is not working, but the system was booting up with black screen and none of video outpots neither HDMI nor CRT is outpoting any signal so laptop seems to outpot through the dedicated GPU outpots and once pci e lanes disabled there have been no access from iGPU to outpots.
I used my sense to enter bios and managed to use ez flash with black screen then successfully flashed original bios back.
Now I am stuck at this point and idk what I should do to make that egpu work.
The laptop could be a great temporar solution when I start upgrading my rig so I need to get that egpu to work.

Note: It will be also great if someone could unlock every bios option to me including chipset that I couldn’t reveal in bios (I set it to user but nothing happened)
I would like to mess up a bit with memory clocks and timings also CPU clocks or boosting behaviour.