asus k53e

Hi i really need your help

i have been searching for old mod for my asus k53e modified to make vRam 512 instead of 192 but it is deleted.
can some one plz make new one for me

that is the BIOS file (1010 KB)

thanks in advance

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Can you already see Chipset >> System Agent >> Graphics Config submenu? If yes, you just can’t see “DVMT Pre-Allocated” or what?

* Edit - Here you go, I changed default -
Flash, load optimized defaults, save and reboot back to BIOS to make any other changes you need

it worked just fine
thanks alot

@Ahmed_Nagy - Great, thanks for quick report back, enjoy!

Could you re-upload it :c ? Clicked the link but it says “The hosting period for this file has now expired, only paid users can download it” :c
Thanks in advance

The file has been lost just like a Lost_N_BIOS.
You can change default value for vRam using AMIBCP.

Awesome, i didn’t know something like AMIBCP would exist! Will take a good read about it and will give a try

Thank you sooooooooo much