ASUS Laptop A407UB nvme

Hello all!

Need your help!

There is an ASUS Laptop A407UB and there is Plextor PX-256M9PeGN

I can not not make them friends, BIOS does not see ssd

I tried to modify the BIOS by adding NvmExpressDxe_4.ffs, according to the instructions on the forum, it may of course not be added there, can anyone help?

File BIOSa orinal enclosed. (4.37 MB)

@alexarhang - Attach your mod BIOS I will check it for you
Did you follow all steps on Step #4 of the guide after you did the mod, they must be followed exactly.


Attached a mod BIOS file

Screenshot_20190124_122442.png (4.37 MB)

@alexarhang - Mod looks OK. Have you confirmed the NVME SSD is OK by installing drive in windows and see if the drive show up OK as secondary spare device, in device manager? if it doesn’t show up there the SSD may be faulty