Asus laptop BIOS editing questions about Serial and Keyboard backlight

I have a laptop motherboard bricked, It could be restored with CH3141A but after the CH3141A writing seems that It will no have any serial and so no Windows license, and the backlight will not work.
The backlight seems could be mysteriously fixable using a bootable bios writing tool with this command

bt -c cnfg /w dd 7c

I have done the dump of the BIOS of my old laptop motherboard that is the same model with APTIO Tools, strangely the size of this bios is the same size of the official BIOS update (6mb) but the bios image that could be uploaded with CH3141A is larger (8 mb)
So I want to use AMIBCP to edit the 8mb image writable with CH3141A to include the keyboard fix and serial (although the serial is less important), but I don't know what should I do.
Both kinds of dumps could be opened by AMICBP but there are tons of entries and I have absolutely no idea of where should search the data that command above was able to fix writing 7c in It, to fix the 8mb image so that I can have a fully working CH3141A writable BIOS that doesn't need additional bios editing interventions that must be done after the installation of the motherboard in the laptop.

Any suggestion would be very appreciated.

@AndreaF - AFU dump will not dump entire BIOS. Before you write anything to the board, dump your old board with programmer, or FPT if Intel board, that will give you full 8MB BIOS and your board details (Serial, windows key, LAN MAC ID etc)
If you already wrote over the BIOS, then only place you can get these details is on the box or back/bottom sticker or stickers inside the casing or on the board itself. LAN MAC ID you may find on your router logs. Under memory is often stickers with some info too (maybe serial)

Send me the 8MB dump and I will see if I can find the backlight setting for you so you can see to edit it in AMIBCP.

Thank you so much. The BIOS dump is this attached to the post.
How could I do a correct full dump usable with CH3141A with FPT by myself?

bios.rar (3.64 MB)

To dump via FPT, you first have to unlock the FD via this guide (see second spoiler images in section "B:) - [Guide] Unlock Intel Flash Descriptor Read/Write Access Permissions for SPI Servicing
Write that to BIOS with programmer. Then once FD is unlocked, you can read/write entire BIOS with FPT (may still also need “BIOS Lock” disabled in setup module to write to BIOS region)
in the BIOS you attached above, FD is already unlocked. So only thing stopping you from writing to BIOS region (or entire BIOS due to << that disabled) is the BIOS lock in setup module.
Here is guide on how to disable that lock >> [GUIDE] Grub Fix Intel FPT Error 368 - BIOS Lock Asus/Other Mod BIOS Flash

Maybe serial? C7N0AS28963528G

That BIOS is not standard BIOS, correct? I mean it’s not original dump, it’s a stock BIOS that’s been written to the board, then started and used, then dumped, correct?
I say this because there is only one NVRAM volume, and that is how stock BIOS is, not original dumped BIOS from any Asus board I’ve seen before.

Did you see the other info in that BT folder? Maybe you need to change to correct windows ID via that method?

Or, windows activation issue probably due to BIOS itself, not complete and missing original NVRAM volumes.

on the keyboard backlight issue, it seems that may be the only way, I do not see an option in BIOS, so this may be stored outside of BIOS as the guides for this BT tool mention

Thank you for the help provided. I have been able to save a bricked laptop and fix everything. I’m not the author of the attached dump so I don’t know how exactly It has been created, however I can confirm the backlight issue was caused by something wrong in the bios image since using a dump grabbed by a laptop with working backlight and writing It directly on the chip of the bricked motherboard with a CH341 clip, the backlight works fine without using the BT command.

@AndreaF - Sorry, I thought that was your dump. Good to know this can be set in the BIOS somewhere, glad you were able to fix. Now, if you want to send me the dump that fixed it, maybe then I can show you exactly where in the BIOS to make that change from to 7c (Probably in NVRAM volumes)