ASUS M3NT2-D pci nvme no detecting

help pleasse, i have ASUS M3N72-D and nvme m2 pci no detecting, i migrate to win10, but bios no detecting


  1. What do you want to do with an NVMe SSD on an old system with an nForce 750a chipset and no UEFI BIOS? You will not be able to boot off it (unless your NVMe SSD is a Samsung 950 Pro).
  2. Which NVMe SSD model from which manufacturer did you insert into which PCI/PCIe slot of your mainboard?
  3. Where did you look and what lets you think, that the BIOS hasn’t detected the NVMe SSD?

By the way:

  • The installed OS has no impact on the ability of the BIOS to detect a certain HDD/SSD.
  • Your chosen thread title is misleading, because an ASUS M3NT2-D doesn’t exist.

I intalling win 10 in ssd Sata, but i want update to ssd nvme m2 (kingspeec 250gb) and i used adaptator pci , but bios no detecting for iniciation, only detecting when the system run win10

As I already have written, you cannot and will not be able to boot off your NVMe SSD, because the required NVMe EFI module is missing within the BIOS of your old mainboard and cannot be inserted.
The fact, that Win10 sees the NVMe SSD (and even can use it for data storage), verifies, that the BIOS of your mainboard has detected the NVMe SSD (no OS can handle a disk drive, which has not been detected by the BIOS). Older Windows Operating Systems like Win7 cannot detect the NVMe Controller of your SSD, because they do not contain any in-box NVMe driver.