Asus M4A87TD/USB3 With Gigabyte 7870 into UEFI BIOS does not POST (boot).

Hi Fernando and everybody. As I said some posts ago I was using an XFX 6870 but one week ago I changed to an Gigabyte 7870 Gigabyte 7870 that in terms has an UEFI BIOS.

What I mean is if I select into the bios the option “EFI Compatible rom” and change the option even letting the option “Keep current” selected (see images attached) the pc refuses to post. No video signal, no beep at all. This was working with all these option on with the ATI XFX 6870 that does not have an GopDriver" module inserted into an Win in UEFI installation.

I changed to a newer one just to performance into games and even for using all the system into UEFI.

Well , clearing the CMOS and setting my bios again but not selecting “EFI Compatible rom” even letting enable “Keep current” the system post as usual.

PS: My windows is installed into UEFI and I have the "EFI RAID “SataDriver” v12.7.0.1936 with TRIM in RAID0 for Z68 systems installed, so no Ctrl + I anymore to deal with RAIDS.

But the deal is why the system does not post with the EFI select just running with “Legacy ROm” enable? The Z68 is not fully UEFI (what I think) or I am missing something?

PS2: The Gigabyte 7870 came with the latest bios updated because I checked either the file on their page or the bios installed using GPU-Z.0.7.3 and also Gigabyte tool what says it is already Version:

So, what is the deal with this EFI Compatible rom?



Since each AMI UEFI BIOS is somehow different, you probably will have to find out yourself the appropriate BIOS settings to get as many UEFI mode features as possible.
As you already stated, the Z68 BIOSes do not fully support a "clean" OS Installation in UEFI mode.

Surely , but what options should I try more? This Z68 ASUS does not support "Secure Boot" Win 8 feature only but it was booting with "EFI compatible Rom" enable with the previous VGA card and, now with an appropriated UEFI bios set one (7870) it is not.

Therefore the RAID module Inserted is working like a charming.